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Infant Baptism verses Adult Baptism.

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Infant Baptism verses Adult Baptism According to the bible everyone (adult or child) who recognizes Jesus and his works and try to follow him should be baptized. But in the bible there is no record of infants being baptized. Though many say this is because they are not able to understand the need of a saviour. Yet God places children as a high priority, when asked who is the greatest in the kingdom of God, Jesus responded, " Unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 18:3). ...read more.


The bible also clearly tells us that the Kingdom of God belongs to little children (mark 10:14). Churches who practice infant baptism use such scriptures as Psalms to claim that we are born with sin and are unsaved. But others tend to disagree and say, we are born with sinful nature, but not with sin, which a baby could not repent of. Jesus himself was born of a woman; if we were born with sin then Jesus would have been sinless. ...read more.


Some also believe that Baptism is a serious step as it is a commitment to a set of beliefs. It is important that the person who is making those beliefs understands what they are saying. Only an adult can make that choice for himself or herself. It is wrong that parents should make a decision for their children. What if the parents and Godparents don't live up to the expectations of the Church? Other people cannot be held responsible for the young persons choice and the Godparent cannot be looking after the child all the time. These were two arguments I cannot say that either or wrong it is just the persons individual choice. ...read more.

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