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Infant Versus Believers Baptism

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Infant Versus Believers Baptism Many people have said that baptism is "the troubled waters of the church", but in my view u really have to understand the meaning of it all to make a judgment on it. Jesus gave his apostles an order that was "make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost" (Mathew 28:19-20) The meaning of the word baptism or to baptise comes from the Greek word, baptizo or baptisma. These in turn come from a root word bapto, which means to dip. Many believe that as Jesus was immersed into the water that all baptisms should be like this but as we will find out this is not the case. ...read more.


There is no mention of children or indeed infants being baptised in the New Testament but the word for household 'oikos' is used which includes children; if children then were not meant to be baptised or included in the ceremony another word would have been used. Some say however that those baptised as children do not lead very Christian lives but that water does not make you a Christian it only makes you wet. These are very strong words against infant baptism but without knowledge of the life a Christian leads then you are not sure what to expect where as being born into a certain religion such as Catholicism or Anglican who both baptise infants their congregation would not know what they where to be baptised into. ...read more.


They prefer to call it an ordinance, which is an observance (act) ordained by Jesus Christ. Baptists do not baptise infants as they only baptise those who publicly declare their faith in God and in Jesus Christ. As children cannot speak at a young age this you would think is not strange. The Baptist Church Will Baptise Because... * Jesus commands it. * It makes a formal statement about a believer's faith. * It accepts the convert as a Christian and as a member of their church. The Baptist Method Of Baptism The candidate, as they are called, are totally immersed in water. Baptists see baptism as an end to old ways and a new beginning. They are metaphorically buried and then, rise from their burial much like Jesus' Death And Resurrection. ...read more.

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