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Inside a Roman Catholic church there are many principle features that aid catholic in their worship to God.

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AO1 Inside a Roman Catholic church there are many principle features that aid catholic in their worship to God. As a member of the congregation enters the church they go through the porch, in here is a small bowl usually fixed to the wall, which is called a stoup. In the stoup is a small amount of holy water. When Catholics enter the church they dip there fingers in it and make the sign of the cross. The sight of the cross is a symbolic gesture and reminds Catholics of Jesus' crucifixion on the cross. The water reminds us of our baptism, and entry into the Catholic religion. Also in the porch there are order of service books. These are so that the congregation can take an active part in the mass and show that the mass is liturgical. ...read more.


These are called stations of the cross and show the 14 stages that Jesus went through before his crucifixion from him being arrested to being buried in the tomb. These pictures give the congregation something to concentrate and meditate on. It helps them remember the last days of Jesus' life. At the very front of the church is a raised are called the sanctuary. On the sanctuary is the alter. This is simply a special table that stands in the middle of the sanctuary. The alter is where the host are prepared and blessed. Also on the sanctuary is the lectern this is a stand that is next to the alter. The priest and the members of the congregation read and prays from the bible. ...read more.


Around the church are candles these help the congregation to remember that Jesus is the light of the world. On the sanctuary there is a large candle call the Pascal candle. This candle is special and is lit at the Easter vigil. It has an empty cross with five gold studs, this reminds Catholics of the resurrection of Jesus and the five studs represent the five wounds that Jesus received from his crucifixion. To the side of the nave there are confessional room. These allow the congregation to talk to God through the priest and ask for forgiveness. The confessionals are usually two small rooms with a mesh screen so the priest can hear the person but not see them. As you can see, there are many principle features that aid Catholics in their worship. Jack Park R.E 9069 ...read more.

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