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Inside a typical church, there are many features, which are very important to Christians in their worship.

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Coursework Inside a typical church, there are many features, which are very important to Christians in their worship. When a member of the congregation enters the church, he or she will firstly go through the Porch. It is open to invite the congregation into church and is always open before services to welcome people. Inside the Porch, the Holy Water Stoup is found in there. This is where people dip their fingers in the Holy water and make the sign of the cross, on their forehead. The water is for cleaning and washing away the sins symbolically, as well as preparations for the prayer and reminds the Christians of their Baptism, which is the First sacrament of Initiation. This represents welcoming into the family of Jesus. The sign of the cross, reminds them of Jesus' death and resurrection. Many books are found inside the Porch. One of the books is the Order of Service, which tells us that the services are liturgical, that they follow a set pattern. There are lots of leaflets, about charities and congregation of activities, which tells us that there are opportunities for Christians to put Jesus' teachings into practice in their daily lives. ...read more.


The fact that it is raised tells us that something important happens up there. On the Sanctuary, there are certain items to be found. One of them is the lectern. This is like a bookstand, where Bible readings, biding prayers and the homily are read from. Above the lectern is the sanctuary lamp. This is only lit when the Body of Christ (consecrated host) are present in the tabernacle. The tabernacle is a special cupboard, which is shaped like a square or sometimes a dome with a lock on it. It contains consecrated hosts, which is the Body of Christ. The tabernacle sometimes has a cover on it, of which the colour matches the colour of the priest's vestments. You may find a Pyx inside, which is a small container for carrying the consecrated hosts, to the sick, elderly and housebound. Near the tabernacle are usually flowers for decoration and also to celebrate the beauty of God's creation. There are also candles that symbolise Jesus is the light of the world. These both are found around the altar and around the sanctuary. The candles might be placed upon a special table called an altar. ...read more.


The pulpit is a raised platform where the priest or the bishop talks to the congregation. It is here where the priest reads out the word of God. It is later explained by the priest. The pulpit is rarely used these days, since the installation of microphones. The priest usually preaches, as mentioned earlier, from the lectern. The statue of Mary may be found on the right or the left of the sanctuary. The statue may be made from plaster, bronze, brass, wood or stone. Many people light candles in front of the statue. Mary is special to the Christians, as God chose her to give birth Jesus. Statues show a person who is special to the Roman Catholic religion, e.g. Mary, St. John, and St. Wilfred and St. Joseph. It is there to remind us of the way they lived their life and remind us how they can be an example to the community. It is not there to be worshipped but to assist people in their prayers. It helps them focus their mind, which prevents them from distraction. All of the above features mentioned, are found inside a typical Catholic church and assists Catholics in their worship. Jayvik Patel Centre No. 46641 Candidate No. 9071 Jayvik Patel Centre No. 46641 Candidate No. 9071 ...read more.

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