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Interpreting sacred texts

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H/W 5/11/02 Interpreting sacred texts In every religion, there are sacred texts. These act as a kind of manual, similar to when you purchase a computer. However, unlike a manual, they do not give exact facts of what happened, but instead give examples of miracles and healings that are left to be interpreted how you choose. They leave you to decide whether the story is correct in every aspect, or whether there is an inner, symbolic meaning to the story. Many people have many different views to interpret stories and these can be illustrated through the story of the healing of the blind man. This story in the bible explains how Jesus healed a man who was blind from birth and the Pharisees did not believe the story. He explained to the Pharisees that it was they who were blind for not letting him heal them spiritually. ...read more.


They believe that the writer was inspires by God. They would have been deeply religious and had a vast understanding of God. Therefore, the story is the word of god but through them. This means that it is the way they recorded God's word, however people who hold this view are not concerned when the stories occasionally contradict themselves. This is because they believe there is always an explanation for this as the meaning of the story is trying to be put across. For example, if they were to interpret the same story, they would say that there are other, similar accounts of people being healed so it probably did happen. They would also say that Jesus healed the man using supernatural forces that are to advanced for us to understand yet. They would also say the story may have some kind of spiritual meaning, but this is secondary to the fact that Jesus has these powers. ...read more.


The real miracle in their eyes is this. I would take the view of a liberal, when interpreting texts from the bible. The reason for this is that I believe Jesus intended for the stories to be interpreted and for the true meaning of the story to be understood. I also believe that he is trying to show people that there is a deeper meaning to things, and some things may need greater studying and understanding rather than just reading. I also believe that the bible is intended so people can go to greater depths and prove that they understand the meaning of the stories as anybody can just read the text. Finally, in this story, I believe that Jesus was trying to show people that anyone can be religious if they are caring towards others rather than being selfish and greedy, and he can help them to do this. By Anthony Saladas ...read more.

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