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Is abortion ever justified? Show you have considered more than one point of view.

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C Is abortion ever justified? Show you have considered more than one point of view. You must include a Christian viewpoint. The issue of abortion involves many complex questions that people argue over all of the time. It is a subject that all people have different beliefs about. Different people live by certain codes, certain principles as religious beliefs, individual morals and generally societies morals such as the law which influences their response. The Catholic Church would argue that abortion is never justified because it is wrong to kill. They believe life begins at conception therefore having an abortion and killing a foetus is murder and wrong. I believe life begins when a person is able to make their own decisions and is able to act upon their thoughts independently. They believe only God has the right to give and take lives. Abortion is playing God, doing his duty and it is not our place to do it. But I believe God also gave us free will, the freedom to do as one wishes without being held back, to some extent. ...read more.


They would say that they are the most vulnerable and weak and need to be freed in to the new world. I interpret this to mean that surely the mothers are the 'misused' people in such situations as rape. The foetuses are just the end product. Other anti-abortionists would argue that modern science has proven that the unborn child, even though he or she is in the mother's womb is a separate human being from conception. They may also argue that people with severe handicaps can lead happy and fulfilled lives. Every foetus is a unique, talented human being, a genius perhaps even a William Shakespeare or Beethoven. An example of a person is the education minister who is blind, David Blunkett. Other examples are people who are involved in the paraolympics, a large achievement and success of disabled people. A very famous man called Stephen Hawkins has motor neurone disease. He is a wheelchair user because he is paralyzed and can only communicate through a computer. He has achieved such things as being a famous author and is a very well known scientist. ...read more.


Surely she can't be blamed from that. At the end of the day in all these circumstances the mother would have to deal with such problems as money difficulties, maybe she is still a student and hasn't got a job. She wouldn't be able to give the baby luxuries as well as necessities that he or she may need. For the mother it maybe more of a trauma to give up a child for adoption than having an abortion because that way shw wouldn't have much of a chance to get too attached to the baby. To look at it from the babys point of view, it would never have a real father to love and be loved by. When the child grew older it would certainly want to know what his or her dad was like. The truth would be that the mother knows as little as the child. Every child has a right to be a wanted child. Abortion saves several thousands of children being unwanted and generally saves society from many problems. Could you ever tell your child that it was unwanted and a mistake? Overall I think the value of the mother overrules the value of the foetus which I think isn't living. So the value of a living thing overrules a so-called object. ...read more.

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