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Is Abortion Morally right?

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Is Abortion Morally right? Abortion is the termination of a foetus whilst in the womb and is a constantly argued issue in today's society. Whether abortion is moral or immoral depends on many topics and on one particular topic; when does life start? In 1976 the "Abortion act" was made active in England and Wales. This allowed the termination of a foetus aged up to 28 weeks, and for the first time women had the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. However limitations were still placed on why a termination could occur; the mothers life physical or mental health must have been at risk due to the pregnancy. Following this all abortions at these times had to be approved by two registered practitioners. Each "improvement" on the law became more and more lenient towards women with a pregnancy and, for some, more and more immoral. In most understandings at this time abortion was not believed to be morally right. When the "Atlon Bill" of 1987 was published, the option of abortion was limited to18 weeks from known impregnation. It was soon to be changed though and an abortion could be authorised up until 24 weeks of pregnancy. This is still the current law according to "One world many issues" and is viewed as completely immoral by some people, as a termination can happen, only as the mother has forgotten or not used contraception; treating the procedure as an emergency contraceptive. ...read more.


A main example of this is the Methodist Church who although are fundamentally against abortion believe that the mothers situation, if she is in danger which would threaten her life an abortion may occur. This stems back to the principles of the Abortion Act when first made active. The abortion act was originally derived ad restricted by the principles of the Christian belief, as society then was much more involved in religion. As people grew away from the Christian following and became more permissive, the law changed also to suit their new views and so people take modern ideas to integrate them into their religion. This use of relative morality depends solely on the circumstance of the mother's pregnancy. Some people may include rape, danger to the mother's health due to the pregnancy and a handicapped child as reasons for an abortion. In a general Christian overview abortion is not morally right although in some circumstances an abortion may be allowed but in very few denominations of the Church. As Christianity, in general, follows absolute morality from a set of guide lines given in the Bible, as given in Jeramiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart", abortion has never been acceptable in any true Christian faith. In my opinion, the different denominations share the same basic view and from what I have researched it appears there is no one Christian view on abortion and individual Christians may not even totally agree with their denominations' official stance. ...read more.


This is why motherhood and adoption are great alternatives to abortion. If there are alternatives, then abortion must be viewed as an immoral way of dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. This is further evidence to show how abortion can be legal and yet immoral. In today's society the frequent use of abortion is being seen as more and more common and a natural thing to do. This is why a child who has been brought up in this kind of society and believes abortion to be a way of dealing with an unwanted pregnancy may commit herself to abortion thus being amoral. She would not understand the reasons why abortion may be thought of as immoral. The main topic which founds the basis of the case for and against abortion is "when does life start?" Some people believe life starts at fertilisation, others whilst the foetus is established in the womb and others at birth. If any of these stages were removed the forming of an adult life would not be possible. Therefore abortion is killing it cannot be anything else. I am supported in this conclusion by the Christian religion and many other world religions in the sanctity of life. The law supports this statement in part although pressure from modern society is allowing abortion on demand. The grounds on which abortions are allowed will soon perhaps degrade to even cosmetic reasons as society relaxes it's rules. Even though it is widely believed that abortion is immoral pressure is allowing religion, government and society to believe the murder of a child can be justified James Neville 1 05/04/2005 ...read more.

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