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Is Abortion Never justified?

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Abortion is never been justified. Do you agree? Many Catholics think that abortion should not be allowed in any circumstances. There are a lot of arguments about abortions. For Catholics, I think there aren't all the Catholics who agree with the statement of Abortion produced by church. For Pro-life, they think that abortion is never been justified because church said so. They think that every life is sacred. People should not murder (Exodus 20:13) ...read more.


They also mentioned about women right and law, which accepted the consequences of abortion. They argue with the point that once the law of abortion has passed in 1967, women should have right to have an abortion legally. Both Pro-life and Pro-choice groups have different opinions and comments about abortion, abortion is a difficult topic to make a correct decision. Some of the people may think your decision is correct but some may not. ...read more.


(Abortion, Issue, volume 71) Both decisions are hard to judge, each decision will affect the woman's life. For my opinion about abortion, I think abortion isn't a good thing because it kills a human being indirectly because the babies are still forming in the mothers' womb... Although abortion isn't a good thing, I think we can still have an abortion in some circumstances like after being raped or have an abortion to save mother's life which is the Catholic Church called the double-effect. I think abortion shouldn't be totally banned. The most important thing we should do is to teach people how serious having an abortion is and what the consequences are. ...read more.

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