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Is abortion wrong or right?

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It takes a woman a lot of time to come to the decision that she wants to terminate an unwanted child. That period of time can be very emotional and personal; it may also cause a lot of stress. One a woman has decided to make that decision not everybody may agree on the choice she has made, so it's hard for the woman to feel like she is doing the right thing. Many people have different beliefs toward abortion therefore making it a very controversial issue. Peoples' opinion on the issue of abortion may vary and depend on many different things for example: some people may disagree on abortion due to their religion or culture, but some people may think that abortion is acceptable because of their understanding of the procedure. Which brings us to: Is abortion wrong or right? In this coursework I will research how and where abortion takes place, the before and after affects it may have on the woman or couple, the biblical and church teachings, the beliefs about abortion and at the end I will express my personal opinion about abortion. What is meant by the term ABORTION? Abortion refers to the voluntary or induced termination of a pregnancy; some people tend to use the term 'termination' as it is a less offencive way to talk about the perocedure.An aborton is normally carried out through the use of surgical procedures or drugs. ...read more.


The Ru486 abortion method uses two tablets called 'Mifepristone' and 'misoprostol', which contain powerful hormones that will chemically induce abortions in women in the 'First trimester' of pregnancy; this procedure requires the woman to make occurring visits to the clinic. The abortion is a long process and takes place in stages:- 1. The woman's first visit will consist of a medical examination to insure that she has no medical health conditions that will interfere with the abortion. 2. If the woman is in a fit state to take the drug she will be given three tablets of 'Mifepristone'. She will then stay in the clinic for 2 hours to see the result. If she vomits this method of abortion will be terminated and a surgical for of abortion will take place, if she does not vomit she will be sent home and instructed to return 36 to 48 hours later (2 days).After 12 hour 50% of the women start to bleed. 3. When the woman returns 2 days later, she will be given a dose of artificial prostaglandins called 'Misoprostol'. She waits in the clinic for 4-6 hours, 90% of women will abort during this time with the help of strong painkillers. 3% of women will abort at home. 4. The woman will take a third visit to the clinic about 2 weeks later to insure that the abortion has taken place. ...read more.


What biblical and church teachings might be used in a discussion about abortion? The bible is there to help Christians, there are many scriptures in the bible that are used to help guide Christians to reach the right decisions. There are many passages in the bible that can help to guide Christians to the right decisions about abortion. Some of them are:- Genesis 1:26-27 This scripture states that god created human beings in his own image and likeness. He said let then rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the, livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground. This tell Christians that God is our only creator, he shows us that each human life is sacred and precious, it is a gift from God and since he provided us with it only he has the right to take it away. God wants us as humans to rule the world, by giving us humans this responsibility God is asking that we treat all living creatures with respect as we should respect ourselves and others. Exodus 20:13 This scripture simply states "You shall not murder", this indicates to Christians that abortion is going against the word of God, as it is a deliberate act of killing a new life. This also shows us that life should be respected, and if we are not allowed to murder (take away another humans life) then on God is. ...read more.

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