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Is abortion wrong?

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Abortion. A word that has been a center for controversy for the past 3 decades, since it became legal in1973. It opened up a whole new question as to the political and moral aspects and rights of a fetus. And whether thoserights take precedence over the rights of the mother. From the beginning there have been people who have fought against and for abortion. Each convinced that the other is wrong. That only one side can be right. I'm here today to say thatabortion is not something that can be wholey wrong or right. But only can be decided whether it is beneficial for that singular person. Anti-abortionists, believe that no women should have that right, that killing the unborn baby is a sin, and should not belegal. They do not take into the fact that their moral code is not everyone else's, and they dismiss the women's rights infavour of an unborn child. A child that is by all scientific, legal and even biblical rights, is NOT a person. ...read more.


What they disregard is the factthat when a mother does not want to have the child, and is then forced to because abortion would then be illegal, they areignoring the mothers rights for those of a fetus that is only POTENTIAL to become a person, and gain full human rights.Now adays, with cloning and the wonders scientists are doing with genetics, a hair follical or skin cell have just as much potential to become an individual human as the fetus. I'm not saying that the fetus should not have the full human rights. Ijust believe that a potential person must always be given full human rights unless its existence interferes with the rights ofLife, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness of an already existing conscious human being. Thus, a fetus has no rights before birth and full rights after birth. If a fetus comes to term and is born, it is because the mother chooses to forgo her own rights and her own bodily security in order to allow that future person to grow inside her body. ...read more.


It's even worse when you consider that most women who have an abortion have just made the most difficult decision oftheir life. No one thinks abortion is a wonderful thing. No one tries to get pregnant just so they can terminate it. Eventhough it's not murder, it still eliminates a potential person, a potential daughter, a potential son. It's hard enough as it is. Women certainly don't need others telling them it's a murder. In the end, it does not matter what you or I believe to be morally right or wrong. Abortion is an individual choice, and anoutsider can not judge whether or not it is wrong for the woman to have one. Keeping abortion legal is simply a statementthat women DO have the right to exorcise control over their bodies, and the choice of abortion is available to them. It isnot a promotion, simply a statement of human rights. Now we need to remove the impediments and the stigmas - andmake sure any woman anywhere can make that decision of abortion for herself, armed with all the information, free ofsuperstition and lies about it. THANK YOU. ...read more.

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