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Is Britain losing its Faith?

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Sociology Coursework: Is Britain losing its Faith? Contents For my contents section of my Coursework I carried out primary research consisting of questionnaires (I couldn't do interviews for a lack of available and suitable interviewees). Unfortunately out of the ten I sent out I only got four back. But even though I only got four back it is quite revealing what they say. Enclosed with this writing is a blank copy of my questionnaire and the questionnaires I got back. Because of this lack of interviewees and low response rate I have had to rely on quite a lot of secondary resources. ...read more.


Based on my primary research I think that this is a continuing trend. In my primary research I was given reasons such as that religious leaders are quote "Woolly and do not give positive ideas" other reasons stated were that the idea of "a want society/must have society" leaving little time for religion. All respondents were of Christian faith or none at all and all stated that one reason for low Church attendance was that church is seen as boring in most traditional Anglican churches. The respondents to my questionnaires were mostly middle-aged women who had middle class jobs or were involved mostly with domestic work. ...read more.


Though due to the small sample and the even smaller response rate my primary research may seem dubious at best my secondary research shows clearly that it is nation wide and church attendance is still going down. This is shown on sheet B of my secondary research. It shows that for the last three decades of the twentieth century, religion has been in dramatic decline, this is no passing phase. People are beginning to abandon specific religions for pick'n'mix spiritual beliefs or simply find religion too boring and unassociated with real life to be of any importance or just find religion to time consuming. Whatever the reasons it is clear that all my research seems to support the hypothesis that Britain is losing its faith. ...read more.

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