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Is Divorce Right or Wrong?

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Is Divorce Right or Wrong? 'Divorce means that one Party regards the marriage as having broken down irretrievably.' In modern society divorce is just a fact of life and one in three marriages now end in divorce and there are many factors that contribute to this that I shall elaborate in this essay. There is also a Religious aspect to divorce, in Hinduism only the lowest castes could divorce until 1955. In Islam only the man can issue a divorce. In Buddhism the couple make decisions based on the five precepts. In Christianity 'god is displeased with people who divorce faithful spouses'-Malachi 2:14-16. In this essay the religion I shall concentrate on is Judaism. The Social Issues In this section I shall cover the social issues surrounding divorce, the reasons for the rise in the divorce rate and the way companies have exploited the rise in divorce rate. Even in today's society when divorce is common practice it is still a sensitive issue. Families are torn apart, children are traumatised and shared belongings must be sold even if they have sentimental value. There are a great many social issues surrounding divorce which I shall elaborate in this essay. One in three UK marriages fail and end in divorce but it can often be the best thing especially if children are involved. It is far better for children to have one parent than two that constantly argue. Despite the rise in divorce and its social acceptance in modern society it is still a personal tragedy. ...read more.


Divorced people would have been looked down on in the 1800s and early 1900s now they are nearly as common place as married couples. The exploitation of divorce and divorcees There is much exploitation of divorce and divorcees. In this section I will particularly focus on 'Quickcourt(r).' Quickcourt are an American company from Arizona. A series of machines, which look like ATM machines, has been set up throughout Arizona. One partner has to go up to one of these machines and an on-screen councillor asks, 'Are you sure you want to get divorced?' If the answer is yes then both partners details must be put in as well as the details of any children they may have. The machine prints out a form, which must be taken to a clerk in the court building. The marriage will have been terminated when he/she leaves the building in a process that takes under twenty minutes. In Arizona you can get divorced more easily than getting a driving license! Between 1994 and 2000 Quickcourt processed more than 10,000 divorces. The average age of the partners was 28. Quickcourt is an awful thing because it enables a divorce to occur without the knowledge of both partners. It makes divorce just as easy, if not easier, than marriage. Quickcourt was designed to reduce the need for court staff and make divorce easier, but has it made divorce too easy? The Religious Issues-Judaism Although nowadays divorce is often thought as a strictly legal occurrence there is often still a strong religious element. ...read more.


The reason that it should be the husband is because he entered the contract by giving her the ketubah. The actual divorce takes place three months after separation to ensure that the wife is not pregnant. The children of a divorced couple are illegitimate regardless of the position at their birth. The term no-fault is relatively new in terms of civil divorce but Jews accepted them as valid thousands of years ago. The Talmud sets down many valid reasons for a divorce including, she spoiled his dinner; he prefers another woman and he must divorce her if she commit adultery even if he wishes to forgive her. The get need not be delivered personally but can be couriered to the wife (or husband.) A civil divorce is not enough for a Jewish marriage to be at an end and without a get remarriage is adulterous and any children are bastards. Rabbis can force a man to divorce his wife if a medical condition has made him repulsive, when he neglects his marital contract or where there is sexual incompatibility. If a man goes to war he should give his wife a conditional get so that if he dies and no body is found the wife can remarry otherwise she becomes agunah meaning that she is anchored and cannot remarry. Conclusion In both civil and religious terms divorce is an awful occurrence for all those involved. It is, however, normally the best or only option. I have come to the conclusion that divorce is acceptable and should continue to be religiously and civilly legal. However, marriage should always be intended for life at the outset. ...read more.

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