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Is it ever justifiable to kill someone?

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´╗┐Is it ever justifiable to kill someone? In this essay I am going to explore the question- is it ever justifiable to kill someone? This is a very controversial issue as many people have different viewpoints. Some people think that killing, for whatever reason is wrong. Some people think that killing is never wrong, and some think that it is justifiable to kill someone in certain situations. For example, in December 2000, there was a case of two conjoined twins, who were conjoined at the lower abdomen but were capable of lying flat on their back. At first glance they appeared as if they were one single trunk with a head and limbs at both ends. Although their spines were fused, their legs were independently formed and criss-crossed each other. ...read more.


She was also said to have the same mental awareness as other newborn children. However, Mary's mental state was unclear. During evidence given in the initial court hearings, doctors said that she was moving her limbs and had opened one of her eyes. Because there appeared to be no distinguishing point where Jodie's body came to an end and Mary's body began, surgery effectively meant an operation on both of the babies. Doctors believed that Jodie could survive separation because her long-term problems were "functional" rather than life threatening. The only threat posed to Jodie, said the doctors wishing to operate was that Mary was sapping her strength. Separation would lead to the immediate death of Mary. So the question was, is it right to sacrifice Mary for a happy life for Jodie? ...read more.


This was a huge dilemma so this case was put to court. The courts finally ruled in favour of the doctors who wished to operate and the separation took place on 7 November 2000. As expected, Mary died. The surgery means that Jodie still requires substantial surgery to reconstruct her lower abdomen, rectum and possibly her sexual organs. While there were many doubts about Jodie's medium to long-term prospects, in the days following separation the baby rapidly improved, as predicted by the surgical team. I think that this was a correct decision, as Jodie in now living happily, in the city of Gaza, and Mary?s sacrifice was worth it and the court made the right decision. Therefore, I think that killing someone is justifiable under certain circumstances, such as the case of Mary and Jodie. ...read more.

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