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Is modern day Britain a racist society?

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General Studies Coursework: "Is modern day Britain a racist society?" Whether or not modern day Britain forms part of a racist society is a very complex question to answer. This is because first and foremost it needs to be established what defines a racist society. In order to reach a conclusion should we compare levels of racism in modern day Britain to those of British society say, fifty years ago or should we compare them to other contemporary societies? Further more, the issue prompts the question of whether or not a non-racist society is in fact an achievable ideal. Is racism and prejudiced in fact part of human nature or it is a concept that we ourselves have helped to create by our constant focus upon the matter? Regardless of such questions one thing is for sure, whether or not it encapsulates the majority of our society racism still exists to varying degrees within Britain. Almost daily we are able to hear news of discrimination in the workplace and racially motivated crimes . There have been over twenty-five racially motivated murders in mainland Britain since 1991 and in a survey carried out in 1995 over 15% of blacks or Asians were said to believe that racism was a motivating factor in crimes committed against them. ...read more.


time we will be able to look back and analyse a progress of integration made by the Asian community similar to that of the progression made by Britain's Black subjects. Another factor that is holding back the eradication of racism within our society is the way in which the concept, which advocates so-called equality between the races in many ways, seems not to have achieved this. The reality of the situation is that now the law seems to view racism as a type of crime solely committed by whites on blacks, which agitates Britain's white community and ironically increases racial tensions. Although this is true in the majority of cases there is still a vast amount of racial tensions between ethnic minorities, which goes largely unnoticed. Britain today has a vast and diverse ethnic makeup as the diagram below outlines. It is therefore unsurprising that there are also a lot of racial tensions between these different ethnic minorities yet the media seems to fail to acknowledge this. Ying Ma a Chinese-American citizen and campaigner against 'black racism' refers to this type of inter ethnic prejudiced as "The hate that dare not speak its name." She believes that politicians are afraid of confronting such an issue because they are afraid of being victimised by the leaders of ethnic groups. ...read more.


If they continue to do so then unfortunately this will only act to worsen the problem. Further more it is my belief that the majority of people in the country who are seen as 'anti-foreign' or 'anti-black' by the media do not in principle discriminate against people because of the accent with which they speak or because of the colour of their skin. Instead they are just trying to protect their British culture and heritage, which seems to be increasingly under threat as we strive towards being a 100% politically correct society. Modern day Britain is a should be a place in which people are allowed to practise their own religious beliefs and succeed in life without their colour or ethnic background becoming a barrier to them. We should however try to accept the fact that Britain itself will never become a 100% equal society because the reality of the situation is that all races are not equal, indeed no two individuals can and ever should be seen as equal. Each different person which lives in the U.K. today has within them their own unique qualities and faults and until we as people, not as different races learn to respect one another on individual merit we will continue to see 'racism' as a problem which blights our everyday lives. ?? ?? ?? ?? Richard Overington 22/10/2002 1 ...read more.

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