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Is the Bible divinely inspired?

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Is the Bible divinely inspired? To say that the Bible is divinely inspired is suggesting that people who were given supernatural influence from God wrote it. It's different from believing the Bible is just the word of man. It is as if God puts words into people's heads and they transfer them to paper. This is the literal view of the Bible; people who look at the Bible in this light take everyone as completely genuine and significant. Simply by reading the Bible it would seem that this doesn't make sense, as in the Bible there are mistakes. In the Bible there are some statements that seem extreme or out of place these would more than likely be considered as mistakes. If however God were perfect, which he is considered by Christians to be, then surely these mistakes would not exist. ...read more.


Unlike the Literal view the conservative view allows some space for the individual to interpret what they think a passage is trying to convey. Literal believers accept every word to be exact and try to follow what it says, as it is what God says. This has its downfalls though, as some areas of the Bible contradict each other. The easiest example of this would be the creation story, the Bible contains two different accounts, and literalists would though state that one is simply an interpretation of the other. Different people look at the Bible differently, and so some do consider it to be the genuine word from God. On the other hand some would take a much more liberal view, they believe the books are influenced by their others own lives rather than by direct influence from God. ...read more.


It really is the main evidence, which gives an account of Jesus' life and also a description of what God is and what he does. To me although the thought of the Bible being divinely inspired seems comforting, it doesn't seem realistic. Even simple questions seem to suggest against God inspiring the Bible such as, why have so many authors if it all came from one being? Christians should read the Bible as a book which was written when God related closer with humans, and accept that communication and language have changed greatly since, hence the fact that some stories some misplaced in the modern version of the Bible. It isn't possible to rule out the Bible being divinely inspired but it seems logical for it to have been about God rather than by God. I would agree there are parts of the Bible were prophets have been spoken to by God and have wrote down their revelation, but we can't treat the entire book in this way. ...read more.

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