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Is there a convincing solution to the problem of evil?

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Is there a convincing solution to the problem of evil? For many years philosophers and critics have been arguing over the problem of evil and suffering and how it relates to God. So many philosophers who have come up with their own theodicy have argued the reasons they believe that it exists. There are two different types of evil, which are known as natural and moral evil. Natural evil is when an error of the earths natural system occurs and nothing can be done to prevent it in most cases. An example of natural evil is the Tsunami that recently occurred in South Asia, taking more than 150,000 lives, while also leaving millions homeless in South Asia. This is. Moral evil is the other. This is when Actions that bring about unnecessary suffering in the world as a direct result of human activity occur such as 9/11 is a good example of this because so many innocent people lost their lives for no good reason and it took a deep toll on the world. Classical theism is basically the idea that God is the all-powerful creator of the universe. But there are dilemmas that can be seen from this. If god created the universe out of nothing, he is solely responsible for the actions taking place, so why does God let evil spread through the ...read more.


He strongly believed that 'fallen angels' were the result of evil. This is because a fallen angel, known as the devil who refused to follow God, tempted Adam and Eve to disobey him ending in the result of the first sin, which Augustine believes was the first act of natural evil which, led to moral evil eventually in his terms. Although he provides a good defence there are errors in his theodicy such as the fact evil appeared in a perfect world in his theodicy. If the world was perfect how did evil come along? This would mean that the world was not perfect at all in the first place. Also the moral evil statement being the creation can only partly be related to. It is sort of a natural disaster since it caused humans to act of their own freewill but at the same time Jesus went on the cross to die for our sins. Irenaeus' theodicy Irenaeus believed that God was partly responsible. He believes that because God created humans imperfect by giving us the mind of free choice, we created suffering and evil by not following his word. He also argued against people who asked why God never steps in at disaster or points if evil. ...read more.


''The only reality of sin, sickness and death is the awful fact that unrealities seem real to humans, erring beliefs''. This means to her that all evil is to humans is an illusion. The let down about monism is that it goes against the reality of evil and bible teachings. In the bible it is shown many times where cases of evil exist. Even if it is an illusion it is strong enough to cause suffering to others. For example was the suffering of many in the holocaust an illusion of humans? This there fore shows that Evil cannot be claimed as an illusion. Conclusion In the end I have discovered that humans have split the problem of evil and suffering into three parts. There are those that believe that Humans are totally responsible for evil and suffering (Augustine), those who believe humans were responsible but God had a part to play (Irenaeus) and those who believe that evil and suffering is just a fabrication of the human mind. No matter how much people try they will never be able to explain why evil and suffering exist because we do not have the knowledge or full evidence. It is like trying to find evidence for how gravity came about. It cannot be solved. All we can assume are the theory's that have all ready been made and leave it there. Word count: 1345 Charles Babalola 1 ...read more.

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