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Is there enough Evidence of Religious Experience to Prove the Existence of God?

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´╗┐Is there enough Evidence of Religious Experience to Prove the Existence Of God The question that of course comes to mind when answering this question is, ?what is religious experience??. I think that religious experience is a person?s experience of a presence or power beyond themselves. They tend to be ?out of the ordinary? and are very difficult to verify, which makes this argument harder to answer definitively. There are many examples of religious experiences. A main type of religious experience is conversion. In the bible, it tells the story of Saul?s conversion. He was walking along Damascus Road, and suddenly a light from the heaven flashed around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice, ?Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?? He then says, ?I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do?. ...read more.


They were left ajar. He walked outside and a small yellow taxi pulled up. He said that he needed to go to his office as quickly as possible. They drove off. Betty Malz received an out of body religious experience when in a coma in a hospital. She was walking up a beautiful green hill. She was barefoot and without pain. At first she wondered whether it was death. There was no path, but she seemed to know where to go. She then realised that she was not alone. Behind here was a masculine-looking figure in a robe (Jesus). They did not speak to each other but were walking in the same direction. They carried on walking. There was no sun, but light was everywhere. Bernhard Langer, an international golfer received a religious experience in 1985. He heard Jesus Christ tell him that he must be reborn in order to enter the kingdom of God. ...read more.


Many people go to church all over the world. One can assume that at least a small proportion of these people will have had a religious experience, hence them now going to church, ?converts? as it were. This means that there are probably many religious experiences which we simply don?t hear of. God reveals himself to those who are open to him, those with religious faith. Subsequently their faith becomes renewed and those who were not open to the idea of a God will become the none the wiser. It is very easy for so-called ?non-believers? to be cynical of these religious experiences, but the truth is, they cannot comprehend such an awesome thing, so they assume it must be false. The only way to really understand a religious experience is if you have one yourself. I think that God can exist, and cannot exist. He exists for people with religious faith, just as He does not exist for atheists. It is not a matter of having religious experiences to be accepted by God, but a heart full of love and worship. ...read more.

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