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Is there such thing as'violence aesthetic'? If so does it justify the increased violence of modern films?

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Media Studies Is there such thing as'violence aesthetic'? If so does it justify the increased violence of modern films? Violence aesthetic is a sub-genre of cult films. Violence aesthetic justifies violent films on the grounds that it's a work of art. This is a controversial and a debateable issue as it ignores the effects it has on the audience. It does not take into consideration that it may corrupt its audience as it elevates violence by claiming it's a work of art. This raises many censorship issues, as they assume a passive audience, however to watch a violence aesthetic film you must be an active audience. Modern films have been questioned to whether they have become more violent though it is not the films that have become more violent; the reality is technology has inflated, films have become more graphic. Violence hasn't changed; the quality of violence has increased. People have also become more tolerable to films due to desensitisation and inoculation theory. People's endurances have changed, for example war films have become more accepted as it is reflecting the present era thus audience are not only more tolerable, but expect to see more violence in the violence genre. ...read more.


Violence aesthetic supports freedom of speech and expression. They state that violent films should be free to view as other films are. These dynamic and clever films also test societies assumptions for example the characters 'Lector' from Silence of the Lambs and 'Alex' from Clockwork Orange come across as well educated and intelligent people, their language is very formal and shows them to be of a higher status, but their roles as criminals tests societies ideological roles. The vigorous and independent role of '' '' in Silence of the Lambs shows a female character to be active which again forces the audience to re-evaluate their assumptions. There is also an argument against violence aesthetic stating that it does not exist. The argument is that generic expectations are created so there is no evidence that violence aesthetic exists. For example Pulp Fiction and Clockwork Orange undermines society, enforcing negative ideologies amongst its audience. Films that claim to be violence aesthetic portray violence as 'cool' and also depict negative attitudes towards women. For example in Pulp Fiction when the male characters are trying to escape they stop female drivers and throw them out of their cars. ...read more.


Because there is limited evidence on copycat behaviour it is difficult to censor these films on these issues that it may cause effects on its audience. However cases like the Jamie Bulger murder being influenced by the film Child Play 3 is very little evidence, and is not enough to generalise films on having total influence over its audience. Modern films have not become more violent, the question assumes this but there is no evidence that it's true. More special effects do not necessarily mean more, as it is the quality of the violence that has increased not the violence itself. Violence can be more effective if more subtle, as less can be more and very violent films don't have to be horror films. Violence is one of the key elements in certain genres. Horror and gangster films rely on violence and therefore cannot censor, as it is a necessity of the film. Violence aesthetic is weak argument for violence in films. It allows cathartic experiences and tests the audience's boundaries. There is also a big influence of violent films on children, particularly amongst the male genre; violent films amongst young teenagers "Paddy White" are being enforced with negative ideologies. Violence aesthetic does not justify the lack of censorship in films. 1 ...read more.

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