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Islam - The Quran

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All of Allah's words, which the Angel Gabriel brought to the prophet Muhammad, are written down in a book. This book is called the Quran. The Quran is the holy book of Islam. In the Quran, we can read all that Allah says to us and to all mankind. In the Quran, we can find stories of many other prophets, for Allah always has sent prophets to mankind so that they would worship him alone and do good. That's why there were many prophets before Muhammad. We can also find many other things in the Quran. All what Muslims believe, and should do, is written there. When you know what is written in the Quran and follow it, you become a good Muslim. ...read more.


Once again Angel Gabriel held him tightly and then released him saying: Iqra bismi Rabikkal-ladhi khalaq. Khalaqal insaana min alaq. Iqra wa Rabbukal akram. Alladhi allamal bil qalam. Allamal insaana ma lam ya lam. " Read in the Name of your Lord Who created! He created man from a clot of blood. Read; and your lord is the most bountiful. He who has taught by the pen. Taught man what they knew not." The verses of the Quran continued to be revealed to the prophet (p.b.u.h) telling him to ask the people to follow the right path of Islam. Every time the verses were revealed, the prophet (p.b.u.h) Would order his people to write them down. ...read more.


To learn and remember the Quran's verses and chapters by heart are good deeds for which a person will be rewarded How to handle the quran To able to touch the Quran you must have wudu. Wudu is a way of cleaning your self. The holy book must be looked after carefully. You should treat it in respect. These are the things your not supposed to do * Do not throw the Quran on the floor * Do not write on the Quran * Do not put the Quran on the floor * Do not bring the Quran in the toilet or the bathroom If you accidentally dropped it on the floor you must pick it up as soon as possible and kiss it and put it against your head as a sign of respect. You should put the Quran always on the shelf that's at the top. ...read more.

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