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Islamic ST. Mosques

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Do you have to go to the Mosque to be a good Muslim? Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion, Showing you have considered another point of view. Your answer should refer to Muslim teaching. To be a good Muslim you don't have to go to a mosque. A mosque is where Muslim go to pray and ask Allah for forgiveness and his blessings. A good Muslim is a person who reads the Quran prays 5 times a day (Fajr, Zuhar, Asr, Magrib, and Isha) and who teaches the children the Quran and also going to hajj, pilgrimage to Mekkah. It states In the Quran that "whosoever dose not believe in Allah and his messenger (pbuh) ...read more.


Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said to is nearest words that "if I didn't have fear of little children or the elderly I will burn down the houses of the that don't attend the mosque". Another quote would be "and whoever does not believe in Allah and is messenger then verily, we have prepared for the disbelieves a blazing fire" If a person how is disabled and can not be able to go the mosque and prays at home is not considered as a bad Muslims. Allah says in the Quran that all Muslims should go to the mosque no matter what but if they are not well enough they don't have to go the mosque "My mosque are visited by those who believe in me and the last day". ...read more.


In my opinion going to the mosque benefits people because it is pleasing Allah by praying also giving people the chance to get educated about Islam and also mix with other Muslims. I think going to the mosque helps people to reflects on there lives and on how they may become better people. I also think going to the mosque helps a person to keep strong in pray. A quote from the Quran would be " and keep the pray established and pay obligatory and obey the noble messengers in the hope of attaining mercy" this show that being good Muslim consists of being honest and kind which are also some of the features of prophet Mohammed (SAW). As Muslims believe the prophets as been the greatest example to al Muslims. ...read more.

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