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Islamic studies coursework

Extracts from this document...


In the first part of my coursework I will be describing the features in a specific mosque. I have chosen the mosque 'Shah Faisal Mosque 'in Pakistan, Islamabad. Firstly, I will be introducing the topic 'Mosques' and then describing the mosque I have chosen, Faisal Masjid in Pakistan. Different mosques have different features inside and outside; I will only be talking about the features of one masjid - Faisal Mosque. A mosque is a building set aside for worship. The Arabic name for 'mosque' is masjid. Masjid means a place where people prostrate i.e. Muslims in other words a place where people go to worship to God. Various mosques have very extraordinary designs they are sometimes different from others, for example Faisal mosque in Pakistan does not have a done but the other mosques around the world do. As shown below on the right. A masjid can look like anything, but it has to be treated like one. Even If its one on the corner of the road or even if its one in the back of a coffee shop it is still a masjid for the Muslims not every city or country can meet the expense of to build a masjid like the well-known and most largest ones in the world. As Muhammad (saw) said: 'Wherever the hour of prayer overtakes you, you shall perform it. That place is a mosque.' (HADITH) Sometimes Muslims keep a spare room in their houses as a place of worship so that they can keep it prepared for when the time of prayer has come within reach of them. When visiting a mosque people are expected to behave quietly and respectfully at all times, even when the prayers are not taking place. When entering onto the main praying hall/area no shoes are permissible onto the carpet or floor because it is has to be remained clean and tidy. ...read more.


You might probably recognize one or two mosques from the outside because they might have a Dome, a Minaret and a Crescent and Star symbol on top of the dome. The mosque which I have chosen has a unique design of a dome because it is more of a triangle shape than a dome. The Dome: The Dome is an important feature in the Middle East because Islam came from the Middle East and the climate there is very hot there and the dome allows the air to circulate. The Dome also allows the human voice to amplify. As you can see below the done is shown below of the Faisal mosque in Pakistan, it is very unfamiliar to the other domes compared to other mosques around the world. The Star and the Crescent: Some mosques will have a star and a crescent on top of the Dome and on top of the Minaret. This is because the five-pointed star and the crescent is the symbol of Islam. This symbol can also been seen on Flags and stamps from many Muslim countries, but as you can see of the Fasial masjid it has not got a star, I has a pointed stick coming out of the roof this is probably the special design the architects gave it when making the mosque. The Minaret: The minaret is a tall tower on top of the mosque, or in this case it is on the 4 sides. In hot countries, the Muezzin climbs to the top the minaret to do the Adhan. He does these 5 times a day: (Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Magrib and Isha). The minaret is like an alarm clock for the people living in that area because whenever they can hear the Adhan, they always know that it is Salah time. Now, they tend to use speakers so the Adhan can be heard as far as possible. ...read more.


This shown the amount of stress the prophet put on the people to make them go to the masjid to get them use to doing them good deeds. You will not only get the reward of going to the mosque you will also get the reward of traveling to the mosque, if you are walk you will get reward for every step you take to the masjid, this is proven by the following Hadith: Abu Hurairah reports that the Prophet (SAW) said: "If anyone goes back and forth to the mosque [to attend the prayers], Allah will prepare for him a feast in paradise as often as he goes back and forth." This is related by Ahmad, Al-Bukhari, and Muslim. So I think that a person that does have to go to the mosque to be a good practicing Muslim, because let's say that person is ill or disabled or even lives far away from the mosque, even in this case it is advisable to go to the masjid. There was once a blind man and he asked the Prophet that if hr should go to the mosque, the Prophet replied that "Do you hear the Azan" the man replied "yes", so then the blind man under stood that he had to go to the masjid regardless of his situation. That person could read the 5 Salah's at home. He will be rewarded but not that much for a person who reads Salah at the mosque, with Jamaat. So I think that you should and it is advisable to go to the mosque if the person wants to get the extra reward. People may think going to the mosque to go and pray maybe become difficulty in the future, this person maybe wrong because when visiting the mosque several time you will get used to going to the mosque to perform salah and it will be something you will want to all the time. So as a conclusion I give advice to the Muslim community to go the mosque because of the explanation I have stated above in this essay. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Places of Worship section.

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