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Islamiyat Notes. Surah al Anaam (Ch. 6 : Vs. 101-103)These verses of Surah al Anaam discuss the fundamental Quranic theme of Allah in Himself.

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Surah al Anaam (Ch. 6 : Vs. 101-103): Main Theme: These verses of Surah al Anaam discuss the fundamental Quranic theme of Allah in Himself. We come to know about the absolute authority and unity of Allah. He does not have partners and the entire universe is the creation of His will and design. It further describes that God is beyond human comprehension. This is because of the great difference between the creator and the creatures. It tells us that God is the most powerful and He can decide the outcome of events even before they occur. Distinctive Theme: These verses distinctively highlight God's attributes and His sovereignty. Ayat al Kursi (the Verse of Throne) (Ch 2: Vs 255) also presents the same theme but this passage refers to God as the originator and the fashioner of the whole Universe with its vast and flawless system. It rejects polytheism and makes us realize that God is free from all physical relations. The Quran refers to it in Surah al Ikhlas, "He begets not nor is He begotten." (Ch 112: Vs 3) 'Latif' means as fine and subtle as to be invisible and imperceptible to the senses. It also means that God understands the finest mysteries. Surah Shura: Main Theme: This Quranic passage discusses the Main Theme: of God's power, majesty and His ultimate authority over all that exists in this Universe. It informs us that everything in the Universe acknowledges is power and supremacy by praising Him. It further discusses that God's attributes of forgiveness and mercifulness are for those who repent and turn to Him for their forgiveness. Distinctive Theme: These verses distinctively signify God's omnipotence, which encompasses 'the heaven and the Earth'. Nothing can take place in the Universe without His permission. There is nothing is the system of the Universe who equals God in His attributes and sovereignty. We also understand that everything in this Universe is a humble creature of God. ...read more.


He returned from Syria with good profits. Maisara also spoke of his fair dealings to Hazrat Khadija. She was so pleased that she herself made an offer of marriage to him. Abu Talib accepted the proposal on behalf of Holy Prophet(S) and shortly, thereafter, he married Hazrat Khadija. Hazrat Khadija was 40, while the Prophet(S) was 25 at the time of marriage. The union was successful. They had two sons and four daughters. Both the sons died in infancy. Of the daughter, only the youngest, Hazrat Fatima survived the Holy Prophet(S). Replacing the black stone Write an outline of the life of the Prophet Muhammad up to the time of the first revelation. Give an account of the Prophet's first experience of receiving revelation. Nearing the age of 40 Prophet(S) started retiring in solitude because He(S) was disturbed by the polytheistic practices of the pagans of Makkah and often thought of God of his ancestors Ibrahim and Ismail. He did not follow any particular method of worship, because he was not aware of any but realized that there is a force of truth beyond this world, which must have power and control over the whole universe. One day at the age of 40, towards the end of Ramazan, on the night of power in 610 AD a being unknown to Him(S) but later identified as Gibrael appeared. Angel Jibrael then hugged Him(S) and asked Him(S) to read. The Holy Prophet(S) startled by the strange voice answered: 'I cannot read." The angel then again seized Him(S) and asked Him(S) to read but the Prophet(S) gave the same reply. On the third time afraid of being squeezed asked: "What shall I read?" The angel then recited the following verses: Proclaim in the name of Thy Lord and Cherisher Who Created Created man, out of a mere clot of congealed blood Proclaim! And thy Lord most bountiful. ...read more.


night journey. Explaining the importance of this event in the Islamic history. This event carries great importance in the history of Islam. It shows the exalted status of Prophet (S) as a divine messenger. Abu Bakr got the title of 'Al Siddique' (Testifier to the Good) when he expressed belief in this event. Regularly daily prayer was made obligatory as the second pillar of Islam. It also proved to be people around him that He (S) was a true messenger of God. Explain why he thought it important to make the journey to Madinah? (4) The Holy Prophet(S)'s life was in danger in Makkah. The Quraish were constantly finding ways to kill or torture him. As his uncle Abu Talib was dead, he did not have any clan protection. Very few people had converted to Islam in Makkah and so he had very little success. Many people from Madinah had arrived and had accepted the message of Islam and they had told the Prophet(S) to come to Madinah where everyone would accept him. As very few people accepted Islam, he could not put the teaching he received into effect and if he migrated to Madinah where people would accept him, he would have been able to put the teachings into effect. Islam was in danger in Makkah as Prophet Muhammad(S) and his followers were persecuted and if they had died Islam would perish. Explain why each of these experiences was important in the history of Islam. Mount Hira. This was the occasion on which the Quran was first sent down. It marks the beginning of boards, final guidance humans, telling them how to live their lives. It marked the change from polytheism to monotheism Muhammad was changed and chosen for prophethood. Thawr born mother had been captured Islam might not have developed. The success of his mission depended on his leaving his home. He had to trust God, and to his followers for survival. It shows meeting force with force is not always the way to success the importance of the incident is such that the Quran refers to it ...read more.

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