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Israel and palestine is it justified?

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The Middle East has over the years been one of the biggest fighting stages in the 21st Century world regarding Israel and Palestine. The conflict between these two countries started when Israel fought a war with neighbouring Arab states in 1967, and Israel occupied all those parts west of the State of Jordan west of the river Jordan to protect her borders (these areas are known as the West Bank and are the basis for the new state of Palestine). This contradicted the 1993-1995 Oslo peace agreement thus causing much attention from round the world. Israel was ordered to give up the occupied territories by the UN but has refused to do so until the Palestinians and the neighbouring Arab states recognize Israel's borders. ...read more.


Evidently, this causes many unnecessary delays for those working in Jerusalem coming from the West Bank with some waiting times of over 3 hours! In addition, throughout the city there are numerous checkpoints and in one particular case a man has to go through four Israeli checkpoints to go to and from work every day. However, it can be understood why Israelis are taking tough checks after the horror seen in Israel lately due to suicide bombings, but nevertheless should ordinary hard-working Palestinians have to suffer for the actions of terrorists from their own country? I don't think so, but at the same time I can understand why the Israelis are taking the extra precautions. Another controversial action from Israel is the building of a gigantic Israeli security barrier called 'the Wall' which separates much of the border between the West Bank and Israel. ...read more.


One area especially where this is happening is in Hebron, where Palestinians are getting stoned by Israeli children, and getting their houses attacked and destroyed by Israeli mobs. Clearly, this doesn't improve the Palestinians' view of the Israelis but this Israeli violence is just the result of misinformation circulated by families and friends and, most notably, the government. The problem here is that Israel and Palestine have got themselves in a viscous circle where retaliation after an offensive action just accelerates the circle and more drastic actions are taken. The question is how both countries are going to get themselves out of this dispute- either through sorting out their differences independently or other countries such as the UK and the US having to educate the people and the government that two wrongs don't make a right. ?? ?? ?? ?? Marc Hardwick 11R Religion and Philosophy ...read more.

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