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Issues on abortion.

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Abortion There are many issues in abortion that are still a huge debate. Not just an age limit or whether you should also have the fathers consent, but whether abortions should be allowed at all. Sarah and I have decided that we would like to do our project on the many different sides of abortion, from people's different views on abortion, to the reasons behind wanting one. Religious Views Buddhist: To the Buddhist religion it is strictly forbidden. Christians: Teaching place the highest value on human life, so it condemns it. The Church of England: Says "abortion has no moral justification and represents the unwarranted destruction of human life that is made in the image of God, in the great majority of cases." They view it as generally undesirable. Roman Catholic: They believe that it is a serious sin in all cases. They Say that life begins at the conception. Humanists: They say that abortion should be available on request. Protestants: They say that abortion in certain cases is acceptable. Islamic: They also believe that abortion is a big sin. Definition of Abortion Doctors use the word abortion to mean any death of a baby in the womb and its expulsion from the mother's body. ...read more.


There is some bleeding for a few days. Between 20 and 24 weeks. This procedure is called Medical Termination and is used for later abortions. It entails the woman taking a tablet from the doctor and then returning 48 hours later where she receives a course of different tablets. The termination occurs within 12 hours of the second course of tablets. The woman passes the pregnancy vaginally. Pain is often experienced but pain relief will be available. Abortion Costs if Performed Privately Initial consultation �50 Medical Abortion up to 9 weeks (RU486 - The Abortion Pill) �350 Surgical Abortion up to 12 weeks- day-care (Non-General anaesthetics) �325 Surgical Abortion up to 14 weeks - day-care (General anaesthetic) �385 Surgical Abortion up to 19 weeks - day-care (General anaesthetic) �560 Surgical Abortion up to 14 weeks Overnight stay �410 Over 14 weeks- 19 weeks Overnight stay �625 Conscious Sedation to 14 weeks �355 Most pregnant teenagers get an abortion with the NHS because they cannot afford to do it privately. Reasons Rape: If a woman was raped and then fell pregnant she could have really suffered and the child would bring back memories of the awful experience that she could not handle. ...read more.


At first, I was willing to fight with anyone that if someone was raped, for example, they would want to have the out of there body as soon as possible, as it would be almost a punishment to the woman. But I now realise that it would show great strength of character to give birth to the baby, and then even have it adopted, because there are thousands of couples that would give anything for a baby, so they could have a chance to be happy with the child! I was talking with some friends about the subject of abortion if we were to have one now because we fell pregnant as teenagers. At first, almost everyone said that they would definitely have one, but after I told them about the procedure, they all quickly changed their minds. I have not asked Sarah what she thinks now, but I know that my opinion has been changed forever, because I now feel that abortions are unnecessary. I do not agree, however, with the campaigning of some anti-abortion sides, by saying that this is a modern holocaust. I do not believe that the situation has reached these dramatic levels, but I think that more should be done to make teenagers like myself more aware of what abortions are really like. The fact is-you wouldn't kill this would you? Isn't abortion the same? ...read more.

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