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It is Impossible To Be a True Disciple in The Modern World.

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It is Impossible To Be a True Disciple in The Modern World. There has been a lot of discussion recently about whether it is impossible to become a true disciple in the modern world. There are many that agree with this statement but there are also those that believe that discipleship is as strong as ever. I will argue either side of the argument in this essay. There are a lot of people at this present day that feel that those people in the modern world have deserted discipleship. ...read more.


Careers are the main priority today. This leaves little time for other things. Church included. There are also strong arguments against this point of view. People that are members of religious orders claim the family of Jesus is always growing. They argue that they invite people to come to the Church. They do not force anyone to join but they do encourage this. A further point they make is the Church tries to structure their gatherings to suit everyone. ...read more.


People should be celebrating the opportunity they have been given to take part in Mass. In my opinion, the Church has lost touch with the modern world. I'm sure you will agree with me that people struggle to find time for such activities. However, I do believe that with strong will power and the strength to succeed anyone can build a place for God in his or her lives. No one is forced to do this but it is said that the Church leads to a better life. There is no one that works 24/7. Everyone can and should be given the change to experience God in their lives. ...read more.

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