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"It is possible to be a disciple in the modern day world" Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer showing both points of view.

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"It is possible to be a disciple in the modern day world" Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer showing both points of view. There are many different opinions to this question, none of which are correct. Many people believe that it is not possible to be a disciple in the modern day world. Partly because, since Jesus' time, humanity has changed; religion is no longer a huge part of many people's lives. It seems old fashioned to the majority, and prove of this, there's a decrease in mass attendance over the years. Many of the younger generation find it 'uncool' to attend mass each week. Temptations distract people and many get over occupied by education and their success. There are far more criminals in today's society, who ignore religion. Two thousand years ago the penalty for criminals was much harsher, therefore there were less criminals at that time. Sex before marriage is a sin and seen as it's uncool', so most teenagers have sex before eighteen, which is against the law. ...read more.


Religion is not dead. I believe that it is possible to be a disciple in the modern day world. If you follow the gospel values, which many do, you are a disciple, even if you sin, because disciples like Peter even sinned. WORDS 381 Explain how this teaching about disciple might affect the life of a Christian today? Marks gospel along with the rest of the bible has taken great influence on Christians in today's world. The teachings of discipleship through the gospel, manipulate those who study it into living their lives how the disciples lived theirs two thousand years ago. Through the essay I will explain this. There are many examples of these people, who've been affected by the teaching of discipleship in our society. Religious Education teachers act as disciples of Jesus in many ways. Because these teachers are interested in the teachings of the gospel, they choose to teach young people about Jesus and how to live in today's society; they are ultimately acting as preachers of God. ...read more.


He will be put to death". Martin Luther King lived by the commandment 'love thy neighbour.' Many Christians today act on the gospel by choosing Sunday as their day of rest and to go to mass. Some Nurses and doctors may be affected by the gospel into day's world. These people help and cure those with illnesses. Some of these doctors and nurses may have been inspired to take up their occupation because of stories in the gospel where Jesus heals the sick. An example of one of the people Jesus healed was the story called 'Jesus heals a man.' (1:40-45). In this story Jesus heals a man with a 'dreaded skin disease' because of his pity for the man. Although the man was healed by a miracle, nurses and doctors still use their good nature to help others. Cafod workers are affected by the gospel. Cafod is an organization that brings food, water, comfort and shelter to the less fortunate overseas. Cafod support over one hundred projects in seventy-five countries worldwide. In the gospel it says you should "forget self" and this is what all the Cafod workers are doing in order to help others. WORDS = 524 ...read more.

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