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"It's a man's world."

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Michele Dominique RS Essay 20/01/03 10A1 "It's a man's world." I personally disagree with this phrase. If it really was a man's world, we wouldn't have had female Prime ministers such as Margaret Thatcher or Indra Ghanthi running our countries. People might have agreed with this phrase a long time ago but the world has developed and improved just like women. Now they are filling up "men's jobs" for example, working as train or bus drivers, lawyers, doctors etc... Having asked one of my male relatives what he thought about this issue and whether he agreed with the phrase or not, I got some very controversial answers. He immediately agreed and thinks men are more powerful than women physically and mentally. ...read more.


She says men are better at these jobs because they're designed a particular way and it suits their body. Whereas women are great with gentleness and care, and are emotionally built for special requirements needed by this world. I think that in the past and up to now still, men have better opportunities than women do. They're given higher priority in certain jobs, and in the olden days they could divorce their wives for any reason, their education was given more thought and consideration than for women...etc In 1975, the Sex Discrimination Act was passed by Parliament in the U.K. This made it illegal for an employer to discriminate against job applicants on the grounds of their sex: equal opportunities had to be given to men and women. ...read more.


All these factors discourage women from seeking promotion. -2) Some employers may be deliberately unwilling to promote young women to senior position because they're afraid they'll leave their job to have children. The employer may find an excuse to get round the 1975 Act and give the promotion to a man. -3) Many women find it hard to look after children and keep up to date with her career. Employers may not want to take a woman to a post if they think that she will be taking time off to look after her children. Therefore, in conclusion, I would say that this world needs to reconsider the duties of women and not prejudice against them because nowadays women rely on themselves and don't need a man to support them. ...read more.

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