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It used to be that if you didnt like your body, you went on a diet, and if you didnt like your face, you would apply make-up. Not any more. Theres an enormous industry standing ready to suck fat from our thighs, create breasts to fit your fantasi

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Going Under The Knife? The days of freak shows may be over but the human fascination with physical appearances is stronger than ever. Everyone young and old, male or female, black or white has wished at one time to be able to change something about his or her physical appearances. For years people have altered their appearances through various forms of plastic surgery. Being able to surgically reconstruct body defects and enhance the appearance of a person may sound unconvincingly dangerous but not only does it hold the ability to improve self-esteem, self-assurance and self-confidence but also give hope to those who suffer from congenital defects. It used to be that if you didn't like your body, you went on a diet, and if you didn't like your face, you would apply make-up. ...read more.


every one of us differently, which changes some peoples aspects even upon if they dye their hair or even to go tanning. However if you were given the chance to change a certain something would you? Amendment to your natural features gives you a sense of uniqueness and an improved sense of worth. Which gradually more and more people are opting for. Those who are unsatisfied with their bodies have a chance to alter them through plastic surgery developments, which most see as a negative doing. However, in today's society, beauty in a woman appears to be measured by the size of her waist or bust, by the thinness of her body and legs, the straightness or her nose or even the thickness of her lip. ...read more.


Not only does plastic surgery changes your views of thing as it heightens your certainty but it gives those deformedly affected to conform to the accepted ideal with reconstructive plastic surgery to reshape abnormal structure of the body mainly caused by birth disorders to improve function or to approximate normal appearances. Yet there's still prejudice when it comes to plastic surgery, where the elder generation usually pictures it as a wrong act. Even though it had never been illegal to perform or to undergo plastic surgery, many have seen it as an impure act; of wanting to adjust gifts of God. On the other hand everyone is different in his or her own way, and desiring to change what they have entirely their own decision, they should know what they want and they deserve to carry it out without being victimize against. ...read more.

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