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It was recently this year that the Catholic world had lost its leader, Pope John Paul II

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It was recently this year that the Catholic world had lost its leader, Pope John Paul II. For many believers John Paul was a great icon and governed their church in the most respectful way. Since his election in 1978, there have been many books, movies and articles on the life of Karol Wojtyla. Many studies depicted him as one of the greatest Popes' Catholicism ever had. He has not only traveled the world and became famous on all continents, but has tried very hard to keep peace with all religions far and wide. His theologies and philosophies are the ones that lead to believe he was the person he really let the world portray him as. John Paul II has had a very rich background that helped him share the messages he had for the Catholic community and other religions as well. He taught theology and religion at the Jagiellonian University and the University of Lublin, in his home country Poland, before his papacy. He has also earned a doctorate in philosophy for his broad studies in the phenomenology of Max Scheler. All this experience has only opened ways to even greater thinking and reflections, and transformed it to many messages and letters to believers, presidents of all countries, politicians and many others. ...read more.


As a system, Communism, in John Paul II's opinion, fell not only by the hand of the divine Providence, but as a consequence of its own mistakes and abuses. John Paul II repeated the content of Christianity, its religious and moral message, its defense of the human person, insisting that this is a principle to be followed. Thus in his estimation, Christianity itself became the determining factor in the fall of Communism. His actions were even acknowledged by various people worldwide. The most recognized of them all, during that period, was Gorbachev itself. He was the first to recognize the Pope and his role in the fall of Communism, "What has happened in Eastern Europe in recent years would not have been possible without the presence of this Pope, without the great role even political that he has played on the world scene" (quoted in La Stampa, March 3, 1992). All these events meant that the new Europe was being reborn. John Paul II however also warned of the dangers of capitalism in his teachings, "Unfortunately, not everything the West proposes as a theoretical vision or as a concrete lifestyle reflects Gospel values." Alongside his political contributions, he also tried to share his word with different religions. ...read more.


Throughout his whole papacy he has cried and prayed for peace. He was born in the aftermath of one war and has lived through another one in his early years. This has opened his eyes to all violence against one another and led him to change this world to a peaceful one. He understood that his mission was to show all that violence is evil and it is most definitely not a solution to problems that many nations face. He has visited many countries touched by wars and violence and has asked all humans to pray for peace worldwide. In the twenty odd years of his papacy John Paul II was a person that was known all around the globe for his teachings and missions. He has not only touched hearts of many Christian but all people in all religions. His work was respected everywhere and proved that he was the messenger here on Earth, like he claimed he was. His wisdom and love for all people has earned him a great place in the history and evolution of Religion and all its aspects. His work was also widely acknowledged within his own Church, ever so much now, that the normal period of 5 yrs until beatification and canonization was waived in order to speed up the process and recognize John Paul II as a St. John Paul II. ...read more.

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