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Jesus and Martin Luther King

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Jesus and Martin Luther King Jesus' teachings were handed down in songs or preaches, stories, speeches, writings, and most importantly in the Bible. We get our information now a day from the gospels but before in Jesus' time they would be spoken. The bad idea about this is that some people can slightly change the story and over a couple of years the story can change dramatically. In the gospels the sermon is included and covers almost all the main points of Christianity. That is why it is so important to Christians. Jesus spoke to people and did not write his teaching down. Usually in those days everyone speak and that's how messages were given. Also most of the population could not read and write so it was spoken. He spoke to anyone who wanted to learn and even if it was a single child or hundreds of people. The Sermon was taught to the rich, poor, the hungry, farmers, fishermen and tradesmen. Jesus spread his word while sitting on top of a hill and people gathering around him and this was how he taught Sermon on the Mount. ...read more.


He himself fought for things he believed in as Jesus said to. Even though black and white people did not want to associate with one another, but taught them to learn and accept each other. Martin Luther King did not show any anger to the people he was bullied and beaten up by, and did not fight back with fist but just turned the other cheek as Jesus said in the sermon on the mount. When Martin Luther King stood up against racism, different groups reacted differently. Some black groups thought that he was crazy and was going to get himself killed. Others supported and joined him. Some people made their own groups and became violent and started to fight physically against the white people. Most of the white people in the beginning thought he was crazy too, but when he started to get popular, the whites hated him and wanted to exterminate him. Some white people stood up for Martin's beliefs and so he gained more power. Some of the people Martin Luther King taught trusted him fully and did what he said while others could not help temptation and forgot about the things he taught them like forgiveness, peace, and brotherhood. ...read more.


The atmosphere around Christmas time also persuades people to buy gifts. I give gifts to my family, eat a Christmas dinner, put up a Christmas, hang stockings and decorate my house even though I am not Christian. I think this is because everyone around me celebrates it and the commercialization around gets you into the spirit. Every year we celebrate Christmas, and that's how we grew up. That's why I don't think children take it as a holy day anymore; just as an extra birthday or holiday from school. By living in such a wide cultural range and so much commercialization even people who don't even believe in Christmas will celebrate it. To conclude my essay I think that Christmas has lost it's meaning and that Christians should really think more about the day. Also I think the commercials really take away the special meaning and thought that went into Christmas and Santa takes away from the actual point of Christmas, the birth of Jesus. Also, I think Christian should celebrate Christmas in a happy manner, but not a selfish like many do today. I think the Christians should forget about all the toys and remember that the only reason they are Christian is because God himself took his only son to take away all their sins. ...read more.

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