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Jesus Christ – An Overview

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Jesus Christ - An Overview Did he exist? According to the Christians Jesus did exist. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John wrote about him. Matthew and John were close friends of Jesus, they worked with him right from the beginning of his work so they believed that he had lived as they had seen him, and talked to him. Mark was a young boy when Jesus died; he knew the disciples and worked with their leader peter. Luke interviewed the people who had known Jesus, then he wrote what he had learnt about him. These books are in the bible. All four men wrote about Jesus 50 years after he had died so people could check the facts and they all believed he lived. ...read more.


While Jesus was alive he was in the country where women were treated as the property of their husbands but some of Jesus' friends were women and he treated them as equals. What Jesus Looked Like No one knows what Jesus looked like because none of the people who wrote about him said what he looked like, they probably thought it wasn't important. If Jesus existed they should have said what he looked like, because it is quite important. Most people think that Jesus has long hair with a long beard and moustache. I think Jesus has long hair with a long beard and moustache and always wears white clothes. Titles Given to Jesus Jesus was given lots of titles because of what he did and who he was here are some examples of what people called him and why they called him it. ...read more.


He told people stories with a moral. He uses stories to get his point across. For example he once told the story of The Good Samaritan, Luke 10:30-35. The message he was trying to get across was that you shouldn't judge people if you don't know them. In the past the Samaritans were the people that the other people hated because they refused to worship god at the temple in Jerusalem. A priest and a Levite walked past but they ignored him even though they are meant to help people. The Importance of Jesus The life of Jesus is important because he taught people to help others and be kind he was the founder of Christianity. He taught people to share things and not to judge. If Jesus never lived then there wouldn't be any Christians or we wouldn't be celebrating Christmas, (even though Jesus was actually born on September the 25th ) or there wouldn't be Easter. Harpreet Sekhon 9.1 ...read more.

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