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Jesus expected far too much of his disciples

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"Jesus expected far too much of his disciples. Christians today cannot possibly make such sacrifices." Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer showing that you have considered more than one point of view. This statement may be true because firstly he asked his disciples to drop and forget all they had and follow him. There are very few Christians today who would be able to do this. If they were to put God first and leave all that they had, like Jesus' disciples did, it would be very hard to live as the disciples did today as there are far more many distractions in life and with greater technology comes more luxuries in life. ...read more.


If Christians were being persecuted, how many would stay on through those difficulties. In Africa and in parts of Asia Christians are being persecuted through kidnappings. But, how many Christians in the western world would actually continue with their faith like those in the trouble parts of the world. Lastly on why this statement may not be true is because the disciples were expected to follow the Ten Commandments. They probably did so but for Christians today, keeping to the Ten Commandments is almost impossible. For example not working on the Sabbath is not really taken into modern day society. Many people with part-time jobs work on the Sabbath. ...read more.


Christians can do this in many ways. Firstly they could go and preach the Gospel by simply just reading passages and explaining them. Other ways like being part of a charity and building schools and medical centres, a Christian today could also fight injustice and prejudice and do missionary. All Christians who choose this option are putting God first in their lives; this is what discipleship is all about. On the whole, I don't agree with this statement. I say this because I think that some Christians, not all can make sacrifices like Jesus' disciples. However for a Christian today, these sacrifices are very different as to what the disciples made. Christian today will find it harder to make these sacrifices as there are many more temptations in life that so many more others close to you will have. ...read more.

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