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"Jesus had a special mission to the marginalised" - explain this using examples from the gospel, and say why this provoked a hostile reaction from some Jews.

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"Jesus had a special mission to the marginalised"- explain this using examples from the gospel, and say why this provoked a hostile reaction from some Jews. A marginalised person is someone who for whatever reason is on the edge of society. Jesus always had a special place in the hearts of all the marginalised people he came in contact with. Jesus' role was always clear. He treated each and every one of the marginalised as he would have liked to have been treated himself. In Jesus' time a lot of people were marginalised just like in today's society, for example... Lepers were marginalised - they were considered outcasts in their community because of their dreaded "skin disease". ...read more.


Another example Jesus set for us in our treatment of the marginalised is (Luke 18: 35-53) - "Jesus heals a Blind Beggar who has faith"- A blind man heard that Jesus was passing and he cried out to Jesus "Jesus son of David! Take pity on me", he was told to keep quiet by the crowd, but he shouted even louder. Jesus heard his cry and said "what do you want me to do for you?" he said " I want to see again" Jesus replied "then see, your faith has made you well" he could see again, and followed Jesus giving thanks to God. The Jews would never associate with these people and when they saw that a man named "the Messiah" did this puzzled and annoyed them greately. ...read more.


A man whose legs and arms were swollen came to Jesus begging to get healed. So Jesus said to the Pharisee "Does our law allow healing on the Sabbath or not?" the Pharisee could not answer Jesus then healed the man and sent him on. The Pharisees were looking at Jesus and he said to them "if anyone of you had a son or ox fall into the well on the Sabbath would you not pull him out at once?" they were unable to answer this question. Jesus often put the Pharisees in positions like this, and over time they got so outraged that they plotted to get Jesus crucified. The Pharisees and other religious leaders of this time were not as good hearted as Jesus, and they couldn't compete with him. They accused him of blasphemy and this is why he outraged them and caused a hostile reaction. ...read more.

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