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'Jesus made a mistake in choosing his disciples, they all failed miserably.'

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Part Three of Three Year Ten Coursework 'Jesus made a mistake in choosing his disciples, they all failed miserably.' Initially, this statement presents many views and arguments, as it is a very controversial one. I am trying to weigh up and examine these opinions in order to then form my own based on my initial views and feelings. It is definite from Mark's Gospel that the disciples did fail on many occasions. Stories in the bible show us the nature of their failure and we can decide form this whether Jesus intended them to fail. In The story of Peter's promise and denial, (Mark 14:26-31) several things are shown to us. On one hand, the argument of Jesus being all knowing is presented when he predicts his own resurrection and the disciple's failure. Peter especially denies that he would ever do something like this, saying he would die with Jesus, only later to deny him three times in the face of death. This in itself provides a good lesson to us about the challenge of discipleship. ...read more.


To avoid this, a disciple must keep Jesus the key of his life and always follow what they feel as his will for them. The disciples also mistook what Jesus wanted at many points in the Gospels. The story of Jesus and the Children in Mark shows a big confusion of what Jesus' mission was about. After witnessing the transfiguration, Peter's offer to build tents and glorify the Lord shows misunderstanding about the way in which God's mission was one of humility, and in their own requests for power (story of James and John) they showed their misunderstanding of the humble role of a disciple and the whole nature of the Kingdom of God. Their basic misinterpretation of many of the parables show how we must pray to God the for understanding and faith which the disciples lacked, in order to be able to pass this love, faith and understanding onto others. Now, having presented these failings, I shall try to realize whether they were due to Jesus' failing. ...read more.


Being chosen by God does not make you perfect, and the disciples, if they had been perfect, would have not had to learn and follow God in the way they did, an would have led Christians away from the true role of a disciple as 'one who learns' and would have also led less people towards God by being too perfect and making Jesus look more human and ordinary next to them. In conclusion, I feel that Jesus never wanted perfect disciples that nothing could be learnt from and no one could hope to follow in the footsteps of. I agree with the view that Jesus was all knowing and knew they would fail, and chose them because their failings could teach us. I also feel that their failure shows us many things about God including his willingness to forgive and his love for everyone, even the Judases of today. This love, mercy and forgiveness are what makes the Christian message so unique and has kept it strong for 2000 years. ?? ?? ?? ?? Anna-Marie Treloar 10 Campion ...read more.

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