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'Jesus said to the rich young man,

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'Jesus said to the rich young man, "Go, sell all that you have and give I to the poor. Then come and follow me." In the light of this, Christians in the First World cannot justify their wealth.' Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view. c) God could have created the world in such a way that resources would be distributed to each according to his need. He chose not to do that. He distributed resources, and allows us to develop and redistribute resources, in such a fashion that some have much more than they need, and some have much less. It cannot be denied that resources, and also the opportunity to access resources, are far from being equitably available to all. Either God is unfair, or God does not care, or else there is a purpose to this scenario of disparate resources. The purpose is actually quite obvious, and leaps to mind as soon as we pause to ponder the subject. God intends for us to derive the spiritual benefit which comes from sharing with each other, providing for each other's needs. We are to live as family, and care for each other as family. ...read more.


There is a fine between greed, and the simple enjoyment and purchasing of "gadgets" or extravagant possessions, but this is all important to when it comes to a 1st World Christian justifying his or her wealth. There are many aspects of ones lifestyle which determine which side of the line you are on. If you continuously desire "new models" of an electronic item, despite you having recently bought an expensive one, this shows no compassion for the needy who have no money to buy anything in the first place. If a wealthy man buys a �200 camera one week, and then buys the �230 model the next week then this shows a lack of self control regarding financial issues, and a disrespect to the wealth they have so fortunately been blessed with. If one simply "fritters" their wealth away on relative junk, instead of being sensible by saving for retirement and family members, this illustrates a financial ignorance. An open-minded Christian will use his wealth sensibly and sparingly, buying essentials and only a few extravagant items; of which the same day they could give some money to charity to acknowledge their fortunes. A servant of God will dedicate part of their lives to helping, actively or passively, the poor and needy. This lifestyle may include buying fair trade goods and arranging regular charity donations. ...read more.


poor, (if every rich person did this, the situation regarding the poor would simply be reversed and we would be trapped in a catastrophic circle) but more symbolically; an idea of sharing what you can and putting God first before considering your own wealth. In the time of Jesus the division between the rich and poor was a lot more clear-cut than today, as we now find it difficult to define an individuals' wealth and status because there are so many aspects to life. Relating to modern society, I believe the command is more of severe warning against the sins of gluttony and selfishness, which can lead to modern crimes such as fraud and theft. As long as you follow God's will and are wise in your treatment of money, then having wealth is perfectly justifiable. In order to follow God's will, you must acknowledge how fortunate you are and treat God's creation with respect; which means supporting charities and dedicating fractions of your life to helping the Third World inhabitants. God does not want a world of ruthless capitalism, but neither does he want a world of corrupt communism, otherwise he would have equally shared resources. He simply wants the wealthy to be treat his creation with respect and humility, and realise they have a moral duty to aid the lacking and needy. ...read more.

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