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Jesus teaches about the Kingdom of God by using parables and allegories.

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Coursework Assignment Jesus teaches about the Kingdom of God by using parables and allegories. I will outline his teaching by using examples from St. Mark's Gospel, then I will go on to explain the differences between a parable and an allegory and explain the symbolic meanings of the allegories of the tenants in the vineyard and the sower. Following that I will explain the use of parables in St. Mark's Gospel and why Jesus' preferred teaching method was by using parables. Finally I will go on to explore the quote "this earth will never be God's Kingdom" and give my opinion on this showing that I have considered another point of view. The Jews had a very strict idea about what they believed the kingdom of god should be like. ...read more.


The meaning of this was that the disciples had to be like a lamp and let others see the light of god was coming from them. They had to set a good example for others to follow. Another of Jesus' parables was that of the Mustard Seed. Jesus uses the idea of a mustard seed because it is so small and develops from one person looking after it. When a mustard seed has grown into a plant, Jesus says that it is the biggest of all plants, so all the birds can make their nests in it, just like everyone can share the bounty of the Kingdom of God. The meaning of this parable is that the smallest seed will grow into the biggest plant, just like the Kingdom of God grows. ...read more.


An allegory is a story, not unlike a parable, except for the fact that each of its many parts has a symbolic meaning. The two allegorical parables in St. Mark's Gospel are The Sower and The Tenants. In the allegorical parable of the Tenants in the Vineyard there are many symbolic meanings, but its main meaning is that the Jews will reject the Messiah and his Kingdom of God would allow non-Jews to be allowed into the Kingdom. The main difference between parables and allegories is that a parable has one main meaning whereas an allegory is made up of many different parts. Jesus used allegories because it gave whoever he was teaching something to think about and work out. In Jesus time people thought that stories spoke louder than words. Jesus used parables for different reasons. Firstly, this was a common teaching method and secondly for the people to work out the meanings. ...read more.

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