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Jesus' Teachings in the fourth Gospel on the nature of discipleship

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Jesus' Teachings in the fourth Gospel on the nature of discipleship Teachers around the time when Jesus lived thought that learning was such that the people who wanted to learn should come to them to be taught. But Jesus felt differently and rather than waiting for people to come to him, he went out to find them and then chose them to be his followers. He called them disciples and this word means one who learns. But Jesus chose his disciples carefully. He didn't pick anyone. He chose people that God said to get. God would tell him the people to get and he would enroll them as disciples. The disciples were ordinary people who Jesus ask to follow him it is strange that Jesus did not pick any particular person, he just chose four fishermen to be his most loyal companions who would be prepared to die, suffer, be rejected, and go to prison. Today the meaning is watered down slightly as Jesus is not present (in the flesh) today but those who choose to follow Jesus by becoming a priest or missionary, for example, are still required to set aside any personal wishes and commit fully to God whatever the cost. ...read more.


� Here Jesus is outlining for the first time the role that the disciples will have; they will be pioneers along with him in his mission in the world. Then, having been with Jesus constantly, learning from him as they watched him preaching and performing miracles, he sends them out so they can learn to depend on themselves and each other not on Jesus alone, and so have the experience preaching on their own. In 6:7-13 the mission of the twelve�� he gave the disciples several instructions and gave them authority over evil spirits. He set them three tasks: first, to preach that people should turn away from their sins and repent, secondly, to anoint the sick to heal them and thirdly, to cast out evil spirits. By doing this they would be carrying on the work of Jesus. We have seen that he preached repentance in 1:15 the kingdom of God is near! Turn away from your sins. � That he healed the sick in 1:29, 1:40, and 2:1 etc �he healed many people�� 8:10, and drove out evil spirits in 1:23-27. Again he is outlining the job, which disciples should do; we begin to see the disciples as the beginnings of the Christian church, outlining the mission of its members. ...read more.


You have to put Jesus first in everything you do, leaving your personal feelings aside until Jesus' will in performed effectively and fully. When you become a disciple you also have help. When it was time for Jesus to go to heaven, the disciples didn't want him to go because they were scared that they would lose faith and they would need guidance. But Jesus said in John 16:7, "But I am telling you the truth: it is better for you that I go away, because if I don't go, Helper will not come to you. But if I do go away, then I will send him to you. " This basically means that if they let Jesus go to heaven, then in return Jesus will send the Holy Spirit to help the disciples and guide them when they are in need. In conclusion, I would like to say that Mark and John show exactly what Jesus wanted in his disciples. He wanted them to be honest, loving, trustworthy, gentle, kind, and independent. He didn't want to have to keep on babying them whenever they didn't understand something. He wanted them to know everything he knew, so that there could be 12 Jesus' when he had to go and this is the main reason why he chose disciples. ...read more.

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