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Jesus The Messiah. The prophets, the most well-known being Isaiah, had foreseen the coming of a saviour, the Messiah

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´╗┐The Jews had been enslaved and mistreated by the Roman Empire for many years. The prophets, the most well-known being Isaiah, had foreseen the coming of a saviour, the Messiah, also known as ?Mighty God?, ?Eternal Father? and ?Prince of Peace? (Isaiah 9: 6-7) who would make the blind see, give hope to the poor, free them from Roman rule and much more. But when the Messiah came, the Jews weren?t sure that he met all their hopes and expectations. A prophet named Samuel (2 Samuel 7: 12-15) says that one of his descendants will be the blessed Son of God and a great King. ...read more.


when King Herod heard the rumours, he had all the Jewish baby boys killed in a desperate attempt to find Jesus. The fact that the Romans were taking The Messiah very seriously may have helped convince many Jews that he was the Son of God. When the Messiah finally did reveal himself, he appeared to study the scriptures and prophecies a lot, which may have raised some suspicion amongst the Jewish people. This may have been the reason for some people claiming that he was another prophet (Mark 8: 27-30). Jesus then began carrying out the foreseen events, sometimes in an unexpected way or not doing some altogether. ...read more.


Jesus was not suffering for no reason and leaving the Jews helpless, but clearing their consciences and showing them the way to prove themselves morally rather than physically better than the Romans and that their souls will always be free to make the right choices and live a good life. Like in Jesus? parable, ?Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a life time?. Jesus did not come to free the Jews from Roman rule, but to teach them how to free themselves. Therefore, I think that Jesus was the Messiah that millions of people had been waiting for. ...read more.

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