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"Jesus was a good man, but that is all." Do you agree or disagree?

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"Jesus was a good man, but that is all." Do you agree or disagree? I feel that to truly understand the significance of this quotation we should define the real meaning of the word "good." This quotation raises the issues of Jesus simply as a man who was good or that it emphasises the special relationship between Jesus and God. (Jesus was often referred to as the Son of God.) I feel that these are the two main ways that we can interpret the quotation. To look at Jesus as simply a good man who had a philosophy of doing good and showing compassion to others is safe but we already know that Jesus is not a mere man. ...read more.


For example when "Jesus Feeds a Great Crowd": "When Jesus got out of the boat, he saw this large crowd, and his heart was filled with pity for them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd" (Mark Chapter 6 Verse 34) This is a rare occasion when his act was driven by pure pity, which constitutes goodness. This is rare because most of his miracles are not performed out of goodness alone, most of them require acceptance and belief on the person's part: so much so that they have complete and utter faith in Jesus himself for example in the healing of Jarius' daughter and the woman with a haemorrhage(Mark chapter 5). His actions are not just acts of sympathy and consideration but they are a direct reference to the Kingdom of God. Jesus has a human side. ...read more.


He was a Christian who accomplished so much during his lifetime (like Jesus). King probably would have looked at Jesus as a role model, and so therefore their beliefs are quite similar; for example he was very much a pacifist and his beliefs of equality are very similar to Jesus' teachings. Everything that Martin Luther King accomplished is within human and not divine capacity. I feel that Martin Luther King is a perfect example of a good man. In conclusion I agree with the quotation in the sense that I believe that Jesus was a good man. But I have to disagree to the extent that I do not believe that he was only a good man because quite clearly he was so much more than that. He was a divine being with a definite special connection with god. I think that Jesus was a good man but that is definitely not all that he was. ...read more.

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