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Jesus was a good man but that is all.

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"Jesus was a good man but that is all." Reasons for I don't agree with the phrase Jesus was a good man but that is all. I believe he was a good man and much more. Jesus bought a good, moral idea of a way of life to the world. This included helping one another, putting others before yourself and not to discriminate. These are all sound ethical teachings but there is no proof they came from God, they could have been thought up by Jesus, as a man, to improve people's lives. Throughout the time humans have evolved in belief that a humans are nothing but a humans. ...read more.


It seems to contradict itself Jesus being the Son of God, but still being a man and God. In the Bible there are many contradiction, which could support Jesus being just a man. For example in the Old Testament, which was written from the teachings of God, it says, "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." Jesus came along and said the total opposite, " If someone strikes your right cheek offer him or her the left." If Jesus were God and all knowing then the Old Testament would have been written with Jesus's new teaching. Reasons against Jesus had many followers and his teachings spread to the corners of the world very quickly and very convincingly. ...read more.


Normal humans would never dream of helping these people. Jesus shows mercy where others would not, for example when the woman is caught committing adultery. The surrounding people wished to stone the woman to death but Jesus said, "The man here which is without sin may cast the first stone." Normal humans would not be able to think like Jesus thought and act like Jesus did. Emotions tend to get the better of some people but Jesus was able to control his anger and not harm a single person. At the temple where a market was set up Jesus became very angry and took out his anger by turning over tables and ridding the temple of the greedy merchants. Throughout the lifetime of Jesus he has preformed many miracles. These are shortly acts of no ordinary man, but someone with a purpose, someone who has been sent by God. ...read more.

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