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Jewish concepts of God Page1 -The argument for a Prime mover starts from Aristotle's conception

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Jewish concepts of God Page1 -The argument for a Prime mover starts from Aristotle's conception of change and causation. There could not be an absolutely first change. For since change implies pre-existing matter and a pre-existing efficient cause to impose form on the matter, there must have existed before a supposed first change something capable of being changed and something capable of causing change. But then to explain why these potentialities were actualized at a certain time just prior to that time, that is, a change before the supposed first change. Change therefore, or movement, must be eternal. This Prime Mover, eternal, changeless and containing no element of matter or unrealized potentiality, keeps the heavenly bodies moving and maintains the eternal life of the universe. He recognized that theories must wait upon facts, and if at any future time they are ascertained. In Jewish belief there are two primary lessons taught in the creation story. The natural universe and all things therein are a creation of the one Divine Being known to us as God Human beings are a special and unique creation of God ... ...read more.


Does God really act in the world? I think that God does act in the world, but only occasionally. If the occasion justifies God's action to carry out his will, he is fully capable to do so and acts accordingly, but the occasions may be few and far between at times or more concentrated at other times. Through Jewish thought it is believed that miracles are a way of showing God's activity in the world, however couldn't this just be coincidence. God's activity in the world is also conveyed in the bible through the Adam and Eve story where God speaks to them. -The Jews portray God's goodness as the covenant; this is also another argument to prove Gods existence. The central theme of Judaism is the covenant between the Jews and God. This was first made Abraham, from whom the Jewish believe they came. This covenant was renewed with Abraham's son Isaac, and Abraham's grandson Jacob. The covenant was extended as Moses was given the Ten Commandments and other laws. From this, the Jews learn how they should lead their lives. The covenant involves that the Jews are a chosen people, giving them certain rights as well as responsibilities. ...read more.


Therefore: (8) Divine command theory is false. - A transcendent God is one who is beyond perception, independent of the universe, and wholly "other" when compared to us. An immanent God, however, is one, which exists within - within us, within the universe, etc. - From the beginning to the end of the Bible miracles occur. Some examples miracles found in the Old Testament are: Moses and the ten plagues against Egypt: The Israelites are in slavery in Egypt. Moses requests that Pharaoh let the Jewish people go but he refuses. As a result God sends a series of plagues onto the Egyptians. The Nile turns to blood; frogs, gnats and flies swarm the land; livestock dies; people are affected by boils; hail and locusts destroy crops; the land is covered in darkness for three days and finally the firstborn in every Egyptian house dies. The Exodus and the crossing of the Red (or Reed) Sea: After allowing the Israelites to go Pharaoh changes his mind and chases after them. The sea traps the Israelites with the Egyptian army closing in behind them. Moses holds out his staff and the waters part. The Israelites cross through on dry land in safety. When the Egyptian army tries to cross as well the waters close in around them and they all drown. ...read more.

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