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Jewish View on Euthanasia

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´╗┐Explain why a Jew might be against Euthanasia The term euthanasia means ?a good death?. It is frequently referred to as ?mercy killing? due to its intentions being to allow or help a person who is suffering, and maybe close to death. The idea is to allow them their entitlement of dying painlessly. The key incentive is compassion as by shortening a life by just days of even weeks, euthanasia prevents a person from pain, entitling them to not suffer any more. A Jew may be against euthanasia for the soul purpose of the sentimental value of life. Jews believe that life is an honour, an +. .+-d therefore should be cherished and respected in level with its absolute value. ...read more.


Jews are taught in the Talmud where it is made clear that the act of euthanasia is murder, and therefore is against one of the Ten Commandments; specifically the sixth where we are told that ?You shall not murder.? The Jewish religion believes in the purpose of life and the quality of a life. These two factors of life are thought for why a person is alive (their goal and ultimate reason), and how much a person gets out of their life (their physical attributions). These factors link to euthanasia in the sense that by ending a life we are taking away the opportunity for a life to reckon and deliver its true potential. For what momentarily may seem like the end for someone, in G-ds ?greater plan? it may be for the best as a way to reconsider ones function in the world, creating a deeper meaning and attitude of life for an individual . ...read more.


If euthanasia is to be carried out, it could be one of two types, passive or active. In the case where it is passive it is down to pain-killers, the drug (such as morphine) is increased being fully aware that this act is harmless however will shorten life. Active on the other hand, is deliberately giving a drug or withholding treatment with the intention of causing death. Under these situations euthanasia becomes a medical debate. Some believe that active under the circumstances of prevent long term pain or mental illness which would heavily affect the patient is the right choice, whilst others believe it is against ones will, and therefore an act of killing. Passive is acknowledged as a safe and painless way to shorten a life with consent from the actual patient, making it more accepted as the person whom the body belongs to is making the decisions. ...read more.

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