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John Foulcher

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John foulcher essay John Foulcher conveys a number of common themes throughout his poems: Lock Ard Gorge, Martin and the Hand Grenade, For the Fire and Summer Rain. The main thematic concerns are in relationship to violence. Firstly, a very strong theme that Foulcher recognises is violence in nature and nature's sole role: the survival of the fittest. He also suggests the violence of humans as similar to that of nature. Similarly, the second theme is the cruelty of death, where Foulcher expresses the importance of human life. Lastly, he informs us of humans' lack of respect for history and that we don't want to remember the past. Foulcher blends these themes together to question the ethnicity of our society. Foulcher notes that violence in nature can be compared to the violence of humans. We get the idea that as nature may develop pressure in the sky before it pours; we humans also accumulate stress and have to release it in some way. Sometimes this may be violence. His message is that violence in nature is similar to violence in humans. ...read more.


Is it something that most men grow out of as they mature and become civilised? It is a mixture of these that have brought out the creation of the hand grenade. The hand grenade possesses the power to kill. In fact, its entire purpose is to do so, and thus John Foulcher gives us the idea of death throughout the poem. The narrator, likely to be Foulcher himself, feels sorrow for those that were impacted by weapons of murder such as the hand grenade. The children, however, do not take notice of the deaths that come to mind when thinking of war. Through the theme of death he presents his view that life is precious. "The spread became too loose to catch a man's mortality." This line gives importance to human life, recognising the significance of just one man's escape from death. Another notion of death arises when Foulcher writes "The dead weapon hurls." The hand grenade may be disarmed now in the classroom; however, it still carries the impression that deaths could have been inflicted. It also creates the feeling that the grenade is 'live' again. ...read more.


Foulcher reminds us of the shipwreck; although it was an event hundreds of years ago, we are told that the people have been just 'lugged' from the sea and 'dumped' in the soil. How is this respectable treatment of the innocent sufferers? There is not even the suggestion of sorrow or mourning. Foulcher grumbles again in Martin and the Hand Grenade where he is the only one thinking of the past events. What really happened during the wars? The children do not see the truth behind the grenade. They are so bewildered by the weapon's great power to kill that they do not realise the actual brutality of the deaths that weapons such as these can cause - that one life is extremely precious. Even though the history class itself has come alive, it is not the actual history that the boys see. Through the poems Lock Ard Gorge, Martin and the Hand Grenade, Summer Rain and For the Fire, Foulcher expresses his messages about nature and humans combined with history by inserting multiple meanings to almost every word. He puts forward that that we lack respect for past events, nature and humans have similarities in the way that violence occurs, and that death is brutal. ...read more.

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