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Judas fulfilled Jesuss prophecy on earth by betraying him, thus making this betrayal a necessary one, and one of gods plans.

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R.S homework David Shternberg 1. As the evening began, after Jesus and His disciples had celebrated the Passover, they came to the garden. At some point, Jesus took three of them?Peter, James and John? to a place separated from the rest. Here Jesus asked them to watch with Him and pray so they would not fall into temptation, but they fell asleep. Twice, Jesus had to wake them and remind them to pray so that they would not fall into temptation. This was especially poignant because Peter did indeed fall into temptation later that very night when three times he denied even knowing Jesus. ...read more.


Judas identified Him by the prearranged signal of a kiss which he gave to Jesus. Trying to protect Jesus, Peter took a sword and attacked a man named Malchus, the servant of the high priest, cutting off his ear. Jesus rebuked Peter and miraculously healed the man?s ear. It?s surprising that witnessing this amazing miracle of healing had no effect on the multitude. Neither were they shaken by His awesome display of power as described in the gospels, where either at the majesty of His looks, or at the power of His words, or both, they became like dead men, falling to the ground. ...read more.


He didn?t just betray him he abandoned him in his most painful moment, making his betrayal the worst of the worst. On the other hand, his betrayal wasn?t actually a betrayal. Peter was a mortal, with fear for his life and thus wanted to live. Even if he did stay with Jesus, nothing would come of it, he would just die alongside Jesus. We must not forget Peter is still human, unlike Jesus and he has no prophecy to fulfill, thus him dying would bring nothing good. If he had not betrayed Jesus than he would have not been able to travel with Paul and spread the word of god, maybe that was god?s plan all along? ...read more.

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