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Justice and punishment in two short stories: 'The Black Veil' and 'The Melancholy Hussar'

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Justice and punishment in two short stories 'The Black Veil' and the 'Melancholy Hussar' draw the reader's attention to justice and punishment. In 'The Black Veil' a widower goes to a doctor, dressed in a black veil, and asks him if he can heal her son, he accepts and goes to her house and saw that her son had been hanged. The 'Melancholy Hussar' is about a woman who falls in love with a man from the Navy and he wants to her ...read more.


The aspects of justice and punishment in the 'Melancholy Hussar' is in the Navy, and you could be demoted for being two minutes late, and shot if you tried to desert the Navy, and in' The Black Veil', the aspects are retribution (a repayment, especially in the form of punishment) Charles Dickens is writing about the cruelty of state punishments, and if you were poor, you weren't allowed to steal food for your family, because the law came down on you very seriously. ...read more.


Poverty was regarded, as your own fault so there was little help. These who committed crimes were punished severely rather than helped. There are no links that I can see, except from that the punishments were severe, whether you were in the military or a civilian the death penalty was very common. Hangings were common and used as entertainment and examples for other criminals. The writers are making a deliberate political comment on the cruelty to people who were poor and did not provide any thing to poverty, so they turned to stealing food, this had harsh consequences. Chris clasper 11LY ...read more.

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