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Katrina and racism

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Katrina and racism: The United State of America is just enduring one of the most terrible disasters in American history. Thousands of black American are stuck starving in New Orleans. This state has been hit by a hurricane named Katrina. America is certainly the most powerful and richest country on the earth, but was not able to save thousand of life. How come the mobilization in Irak was not as strong as it was in New Orleans? Certainly because most of the people were black and poor. Some might think that it was just an accident because most of the people living in New Orleans were black. ...read more.


Does the American society is essentially based on money? The American Dream state that everybody is equal in America and can achieve anything in life because people are given the same CHANCE. Is that true? If it was I believe that the treatment received by the black people in New Orleans would have been better. People might believe that the government was unable to react because the disaster was unexpected. I disagree with them because when we look closer to the testimony of the people which were victim of the hurricane we can notice that some stuff could have been done to save some lives. ...read more.


This mobilization was justify by the sheriff saying that "If we had opened the bridge, our city would have looked like new Orleans" I think that if those policemen would have put has much effort in protecting the bridge than in helping those victim they would have saved some life, but they didn't. As a conclusion I believe that what happened in New Orleans showed that some sort of racism still exist in the united state, however I think that it is not necessarily racism related to the skin but to the wealth. If you are not rich in America it is very difficult to make your way through society. ...read more.

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