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Keeping the Faith

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8th February 05 Keeping the Faith Keeping the faith is a film based around a friendship between the three main characters. Brian, Jake and Anna grew up together. Anna moved away when they attended high school but Jake and Brian remained good friends. Their friendship lasted the time, even though they both felt very strongly about their religions, which were different. This didn't mean they felt out but instead they educated each other about their beliefs and continued to grow up side by side. Jake became a successful rabbi and Brian, a popular catholic priest. Jake and Brian used their friendship to connect their religions. They held events that were attended by both Jewish and catholic followers. They used their friendship to show their followers that people of different religions can be friends. They became popular and well liked in their religions for showing that this is possible. Brian gets a phone call from Anna to say that she is coming to visit them as she has business in their area. ...read more.


Towards the end of the film, Anna and Jake end up going out while Jake gains the full support of his faith and his friend, Brian the two most important things to him. The Jewish faith states that to progress to a senior Rabbi the Rabbi must get married to a Jewish girl. In the film Jake's congregation send him on lots of dates with young female members of the congregation. Jake feels pressurised to find a girlfriend although he explains that it is important to be friends first and to gain chemistry before it goes any further. However, Brian's faith states he must be celibate. This means that he cannot have a sexual relationship or get married. Also he should not have thoughts of a sexual kind. It is classed as wrong in both Brain and Jake's faith when they fall in love with Anna. It is wrong for Jake because he should only love a Jewish woman and should marry her and Brian is not allowed a relationship at all. ...read more.


It was also the reason why Brian must have been celibate. However, towards the end of the film religion prevails because it forgives all the sins that have occurred. However, I don't feel that religion really explained why religious people held their beliefs for example it didn't really explain why Brian was celibate and also it never really explained why Jake's mother had fallen out with Ethan. However, the film has helped me to learn quite a lot about religion. I am now more aware of the Christian and Judaism faiths. I have learnt about how relationships are one of the most important things with faith. For example Brian could not have a girlfriend but Jake had to and she had to be Jewish. I have learnt that religion will forgive sins. Overall, I think it is a good film based around religion although you should not rely on the film to teach you everything about religion and should have some background knowledge on Judaism and Christianity before you watch the film so that you are completely of what is happening and why. ...read more.

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