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Lay Ministry

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Lay Ministry Thomas Kee 2/10 You don't have to be a priest or a bishop to be a disciple. If you believe and follow in the teachings of Jesus Christ then you can serve as a layperson. A person can become part of the lay ministry by being baptised and becoming a full member of the Catholic Church. Lay people can love and serve God just a much as a priest or Bishop. They express their love for God in prayer and service to others and feel they have a responsibility to repay God through helping others. Lay people explain the principles, which Christ taught in different ways. They help the Bishops and Priests and assist them at mass. At our school the children and teachers help the priests by reading and taking up the offertory gifts. Some people teach for example at Sunday school or Bible groups and others do missionary work Christians have travelled all over the world spreading the word of God They offer their skills and talents to help others in everyday life. ...read more.


I have not come to all respectable people to repent, but outcasts." They obey the church's rules and teachings. Thomas Kee 3/10 "Teach them everything I have commanded you, and I will be with you always, to the end of the age." Matthew 28v20 They are to be kind, generous and good Christians. "Do onto others as you would want them to do onto you." Lay people support the priest by prayer, helping at communion and reading at mass, they can also cooperate in presenting the word of God to the parish by instructing others or by joining one of the organisations connected to the church. Lay people can also help within the church by contributing any special skills they may have for example a trained accountant could help with the church accounts and a builder could help with church repairs. Mrs Kenny, a teacher at the junior school uses her experience with children to run a youth club at the local church. Other people can help members of the church by sharing their problems with them. ...read more.


"Happy are the merciful." Matthew 5v7 Lay people are merciful to others and forgive anyone who they have fallen out with. "Happy are those who are pure in heart." Matthew 5v8 Lay people should be true believers, they shouldn't pretends, if they do believe in Christ then God will reward them. "Happy are those who work for peace." Matthew 5v9 Lay people spread peace in the world and try to prevent violence and corruption. "Happy for those who are prosecuted for doing what God requires." Matthew 5v10 If you are sent to prison or in trouble for doing what God wants then you are a true lay person and God will reward you in Heaven. Lay people have a duty to serve others and to help those in need. They must stand up for the church and what God taught them. For example Mother Teresa spent her whole life helping people in India because she knew what she was doing was right. People like Mother Teresa are examples for all people. Although mother Teresa was a member of a religious order, she is an example to all Lay People. "Love your God." Lay people follow this by using their talents to love and help everyone around them ...read more.

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