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Legalization of Marijuana in Brazil

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Legalization of Marijuana in Brazil Good morning class mates. Today I am going to discuss the legalization of marijuana in Brazil. I strongly believe marijuana should be legalized. I am not here to encourage anyone to use or not use marijuana. Yet I do believe that many current problems may and can be solved by its legalization. Marijuana is the most popular drug in Brazil after tobacco and alcohol. Discrimination is the reason why marijuana has still not been legalized. It is already proved by famous scientists that marijuana is not addictive and no one ever died only because of marijuana, yet tobacco is addictive and causes more than five million deaths per year. But due to discrimination tobacco is accepted and marijuana is not. Marijuana, if legalized, could be used as a source for medicines and other beneficial substances. Indeed in countries like England marijuana has been legalized for medical purposes, it is used as a sedative. ...read more.


Indeed more people die in Brazilian shanty towns per year than in the Palestine - Israeli disagreement or American action in Iraq, to present day. People are even changing their style of life to protect themselves from the violence. The Police, which is very badly structured doesn't help much. International drug trade, which is obviously illegal, causes millions of deaths. Legalization could remedy the situation as a whole. As marijuana is the most consumed drug, if it were to be legalized the illegal "passing on of drugs" -drug trade - would be much smaller, resulting in much less violence. Recent research conducted by the Dutch government concluded that, relatively, the Netherlands had less marijuana users that other European nations. This is entirely due to its legality. For as it is legal many people that would use it because it's illegal, don't use it. The government as I already stated, would also be profiting with the proposal of legalizing marijuana. ...read more.


Another point that is very discussed in favor of not legalizing marijuana is that the legalization would encourage a lot the use of drugs amongst adolescents. This is not an excuse. Instead of prohibiting, why not start with a campaign to clarifying everything about the use of drugs, educated by families and schools, not with statements such as " don't do drugs" or "drugs are bad for you" because these are very inefficient. I think campaigns should be done by giving options and showing both sides like "drugs are easy to reach, and they can cause immense pleasure but there are prices to pay such as overdose, suicide, depressions and even death, there are some people that handle this and don't suffer these causes, but some do suffer a lot, the choice is all yours". As you can see, there are many relevant points to support the legalization of marijuana. Violence, economy, conflicts, abuse and many other problems would be solved and improve. The lives of all Brazilians would be less worrying and more pleasurable. My last question, if all of this could get better, why not legalize marijuana? ...read more.

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