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letter to editor

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Dear Mr. Lee Han Shin, I am writing to you with regards to your article 'Maid Abuse in Singapore', published in the 'Business Times' newspaper, I would just like to express that many of the points portrayed in the article had utterly shocked and disgusted me. Ms Chasanah was 19 year old and was already obligated to work as a maid in a foreign country, so that she could support her family. It is extremely heartbreaking to even try to imagine the 9 months of regular physical and emotional pain Ms Chasanah had to go through. Ms Chasanah had no one to turn to, had no one to ask for help and felt that she had no where to report it to. Now it's resulted her weighing 36kg, 200 injuries on her body and dead. There was another article accusing Singapore of maid neglect. ...read more.


Some people really have the nerve to start taking risks these days, however, I really can't seem to understand why this tragic death could not have been prevented because I know it would have easily been with just a simple report. It is people like Ng's wife and sister, and Mr. Neo who give their country and bad name. Even Ms Chasanah doctors and nurses did not report any distress that anyone could have obviously detected from Ms Chasanah's state. They were all were either present through Ms Chasanah's beatings or just knew that it was happening, and unfortunately for Ms Chasanah, no action whatsoever was taken by any of these characters to stop to torture. These people can't get away with this. It must be stopped. I said earlier that I don't believe Singapore is at fault, however, I do unmistakably believe that Singapore needs to act fast and clear its name of this accusation. ...read more.


How could their guidebook not even mention death and only have 11 cases of maid abuse? Their statistics are extremely insulting, especially the fact that 11 doesn't even compare to the thousands who suffer. It really does just make you wonder how many others are suffering at this moment. Your article was published quite a while ago, on the 27th July 2002. That was almost 5 years ago, yet still these cases are very common and occur almost all around the world. People really need to be reminded, so that they know the consequences and that it will move people to do the right thing when they are in a difficult position such as the Mr. Neo. This would increase the respect for those who do make a difference, not just in Singapore. I thought that your article was excellent and was very clear in what you wanted to say. Thank you for your time and I hope you take comments into account. With regards, Nabilah Hamid ?? ?? ?? ?? Nabilah Hamid 11ct ...read more.

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